Sunday, October 5, 2008

watz Destiny?


Your own fate may be said to be determined by the time, date and place of your birth. We may say that in some ways it outlines the things to come.

When you were born into this incarnation you were given certain traits and it is up to you to decide what to do with these traits. It is believed you can change the outcome of your fate. But remember this will be done within the context of what you were born with.

Remember you have free choice and you should never allow fate to control your life if it makes you feel unhappy. In the end the final choice is yours.

Destiny is in many ways the final calling to resolve past life issues and put these matters to rest. Destiny is about the future.

Your destiny is affected by the time, place and date of birth but you still have free will. Destiny and fate may not always be so easy to explain or understand. The outcome and difference between your destiny and fate will be determined by you and only you.
Fate, Destiny. How Fate Influences Our Destiny Through Our Own Mind

Your destiny and the ways to change it involve the principle that the present is your point of power to control your destiny, and that at the same time the present is the point of power of fate to control your future. Solving your destiny in your own best interest may require psychic interpretation and the use of appropriate psychic methods to help you to solve your present fate.
We will see how fate can take control of our destiny and the ways the esoteric methods help people to take control of their own destiny instead of fate doing it for them.

Let's see before some aspects of fate that cannot be changed, or that are highly unlikely to change. Those are aspects that limit the spaces where our future can develop in a way that is out of our control. Certain health conditions and other physical limitations are of the like. Also certain social situations can show this, like having a criminal record. And you can name several more.

Other aspects of fate are not out of our control. They deal with our inner mind, our conscious ideas and beliefs, our moral standards and other aspects you can recognize as the like. The way they determine our future can be as limiting as the ones out of our control if we allow them space within our mind. These aspects can manifest themselves as fate strings, and when it happens so, we can tell about something inside our mind that triggers a particular fate string.

Fate strings examples can be found in love relationships: a string of wrong relationships can mean an underlying cause making a person to always choose the wrong partner to share the future with. Also fated strings can show in work situations, by example someone who loses several jobs in a row. Habitual losers are another example. The different areas to show examples can be mentioned by the thousands.
The fate strings are usually brought by a character trait, temporary emotional conflicts, and other limitations coming from our mind. In terms of past lives interpretation, we are talking here of Karma. Your destiny's fated threads can be inside your own mind.

The esoteric methods come here into play because they can be used to get rid of those limitations.

We can name some aspects of our inner mind that cause fated strings; hidden fears, mental blocks, anger, emotional conflicts, unconscious motivations, depression, anxiety, etc.

What the psychic methods can do to change the patterns that impede us, or causes great difficulty for, to take control of our future?

With them you can explore its aspects for controlling your future and see what psychic methods will help you the most and find an explanation of why things happen to us.


Anonymous said...

U mean to say we can decide our fate but we have no control on destiny,,,
Fate n Destiny r not Interrelated??

indelible eva said...
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indelible eva said...

may b they are ut fate i sumthn Allah decides 4 u n destiny is wat needs ua push..i mn u nvr no wherte destiny tkes u

indelible eva said...

may b they are ut fate i sumthn Allah decides 4 u n destiny is wat needs ua push..i mn u nvr no where destiny tkes u