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Bandiya hoo

The song is in Saraiki language and written by Baba Bulley Shah the gr8 sufi Poet of Bahawalpur ….Heres the lyrics .

Bulley no smjhawan aayan behna te bharjaiaan,
Munlay bullehya sada kehna chad de pala rayaan
Aaale nabi(saw) Aulade Ali(rha) noo too kyoun leeka laayaan
Jehra sano Syed saday doozakh milan sazayaan

Raaeen Saaeen subhni Thaeee Rab diyan be parwa yan
Sohiyaan pare hataian te kojiah lay Gul layaan
Jay tu Loray Baagh baharan Chakar ho ja raai yan
Bulley shah di zaat ke puchni ? Shaakar ho Raziaaan

Bandiyaaa hoooo ,Bandiya

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Great teachings

1. Hazrat Muhammad s.a.w.(PBUH) says that 'if a person recite '
Ayatal Kursi' after every Farz Namaz then there will be nothing
between him and Heaven except Death *'

*2. There is a Hadith that says
'La Haula Wala Quuatailla billahil aliyul azeem' is such a great
medicine that it cures every disease and the most minor disease
it cures is 'Sorrow' (Gham).

*3. Another Hadith says 'if a person
recite surah ikhlaas (Kul huwallahu ahad...) 10 times in a day then
Allah build a palace for him in the Heaven.(Subhaan Allah)'

and the last but not the least
Allah says ' spread the knowledge whatever u
have. * *Its the duty of each n every Muslim to spread these
beautiful sayings,I'm tryn the same

Jazaak' Allah

Droodi Ibrahim

اللهم صلي على محمد و على آل محمد كما
صليت على إبراهيم و على أل إبراهيم ا نك
حميد مجيد
اللهم بارك على محمد و على آل محمد كما
بار كت على إبراهيم و على أل إبراهيم ا نك
حميد مجيد

اللهم صلي على محمد و على آل محمد كما
صليت على إبراهيم و على أل إبراهيم ا نك
حميد مجيد
اللهم بارك على محمد و على آل محمد كما
بار كت على إبراهيم و على أل إبراهيم ا نك
حميد مجيد

اللهم صلي على محمد و على آل محمد كما
صليت على إبراهيم و على أل إبراهيم ا نك
حميد مجيد
اللهم بارك على محمد و على آل محمد كما
بار كت على إبراهيم و على أل إبراهيم ا نك
حميد مجيد

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is it Love or Infatuation?

Infatuation is instant desire. It is one set of glands calling to another.

Love is a friendship that has caught fire. It takes root and grows, one day at a time.

Infatuation is marked by a feeling of insecurity. You are excited and eager, but not genuinely happy. There are nagging doubts, unanswered questions, little bits and pieces about your beloved that you would just as soon not examine too closely. It might spoil the dream.

Love is quiet understanding and the mature acceptance of imperfection. It is real. It gives you strength and grows beyond you to bolster your beloved. You are warmed by his/her presence even when he/she is away. Miles do not separate you. You want him/her nearer, but near or far, you know he/she is yours and you can wait.

Infatuation says, "We must get married right away! I can't risk losing you!"

Love says, "Be patient. Do not panic. Plan your future with confidence."

Infatuation has an element of sexual excitement. If you are honest, you can admit it is difficult to be in one another's company unless you are sure it will end - in intimacy.

Love is the maturation of friendship. You must be friends before you can be lovers.

Infatuation lacks confidence. When he/she is away you wonder if he/she is cheating. Sometimes you check.

Love means trust. You are calm, secure and unthreatened. Your beloved feels that also and that makes them even more trustworthy.

Infatuation might lead you to do things you will regret later, but love never will.

Love is an upper. It makes you look up. It makes you think up. It makes you a better person.

The fix: Trust your instincts more. Exercise more self-control. If something seems too good to be true, don't be too quick to trust it. At the first hint of controlling or abusive behavior, back off. Better yet, get out.

You have work to do. You are frightened of closeness yourself...

Advice: You deserve what you give. Find another giver and have a nice life.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Heart Will Go On.....................

Every night in my dreams
I see you. I feel you.
That is how I know you go on.

Far across the distance
And spaces between us
You have come to show you go on.

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you're here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

Love can touch us one time
And last for a lifetime
And never go till we're one

Love was when I loved you
One true time I hold to
In my life we'll always go on

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you're here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

There is some love that will not
go away

You're here, there's nothing I fear,
And I know that my heart will go on
We'll stay forever this way
You are safe in my heart
And my heart will go on and on


Main Teri Aankhon Mein Rehta Hun
Tujhe Pata Na Challe
Tere Har Pal Mein Guzra Hun
Tujhe Pata Na Challe

Karein To Phir Kya Karein
Tere Bin Kaise Jeeyein
Aankhon Mein Pyaar Liye
Bolo Kahan Kahan Phirein

Khafa To Ham Bhi Hain, Tum Bhi Ho
Hammein Pata Na Challe
Judayi Ka Mujhe Gham Bhi Hai
Koi Aisi Khata Na Kare

Karein To Phir Kya Karein
Tere Bin Kaise Jeeyein
Aankhon Mein Pyaar Liye
Bolo Kahan Kahan Phirein

Sajni Paas Bulaao Na
Ke Dil Aaj Toota Hai
Aaj Toota Hai
Sajan Maan Jao Na
Ke Voh Aaj Rootha Hai
Aaj Rootha Hai

Koi Usse Manaaye Na
Jaane Jaaan

Dil Tujhe Hi Chahe Naa

Hammein Dil Se Bhulao Na
Yehi Ab Kehna Hai
Ab Kehna Hai
Tum Pass Aao Na
Aao Naaaaaaaaaaaaa

Sajni Pass Bulao Naaaaaa

Sajan Maan Jaao Naa

Sajni Pass Bulao Naaa

Sajni Paas Bulaao Na
Ke Dil Aaj Toota Hai
Aaj Toota Hai
Sajan Maan Jao Naa

Sajni Pass Bulao Naa
Sajan Maan Jaao Naa

Sajni Pass Bulao Naaa

Kuch is......

Kuch is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de
Aansoo tere saare meri palkon pe sajaa de

Kuch is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de
Aansoo tere saare meri palkon pe sajaa de

Tu har ghadi har waqt mere saath raha hai
Haan yeh jism kabhi door kabhi paas raha hai
Jo bhi gham hain yeh tere unhein tu mera pataa de

Kuch is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de
Aansoo tere saare meri palkon pe sajaa de

Mujhko toh tere chehre pe yeh ghum nahin janchta
Jaayiz nahin lagta mujhe ghum se tera rishta
Sun meri ghuzarish ise chehre se hataa se
Sun meri ghuzarish ise chehre se hataa se

Kuch is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de
Aansoo tere saare meri palkon pe sajaa de

Monday, May 19, 2008

How to keep frustration away and keep mind cool and calm?

Ask yourself, what do you love most? whom do you love most?

When your in a bad/frustrated mood, do you like people around you? or u just want to stay away from them.

1. If you like people around you, spend time with the person in whom u can confide, and talk to him/her about what worries you. It could be ur brother/sister/mom/dad/aunt/uncle/relati... and absolutely anybody.

2. If you don't like people around you at that moment in time, relax try being alone, do you like music? switch on to it, do you like reading books? do what you like doing best, it's surely gonna help you.

3. If you are in serious trouble and cant get ur life together, get professional help!
4.just dont think about problems try to be smile all the time
dont take in ur mind that u r sad
put in ur mind that u r happy
try to listen to calm music and u will be calm down

5.hat you seek is considered a desirable character trait. and like anything that is good like that it has a learning curve. it a process that is best learned by small steps of faith. you discharge the responsibilities the best you can and trust the rest to God. As time and hard trials accumulate in life the experiences will produce the foundation that marks maturity. when you have that foundation its a simple matter of not forgetting what you learned in the light when times are dark...

The Major Signs of the Day of Judgment : The Last of the Major Signs

This article mentions the very last of the Major Signs that will occur before the Day of Judgment. These signs include three landslides, the appearance of a smoke, the rising of the sun from the West, the appearance of a beast from the earth and finally a fire that will drive all people to a given location…

The Three Landslides

As quoted earlier in a hadeeth (saying of Prophet Muhammad), among the major signs of the Day of Judgment are the three landslides that will occur. One will occur in the East, one in the West and one in the Arabian Peninsula. Not much further information has been given concerning these events—and therefore not much can be added. However, the well-known hadeeth exegete ibn Hajar does note that landslides are a well-known occurrence and have occurred often. Therefore, he says, it is likely that the nature of these three landslides which will occur shortly before the Day of Judgment will be of a much greater magnitude and severity, setting them apart from what occurs customarily in this world. And God alone knows best.

The Smoke

Among the major signs mentioned by the Prophet, may God praise him, is that of “the smoke.” Allah refers to this event in the Quran, saying:

“Then wait you for the Day when the sky will bring forth a visible smoke, covering the people, this will be a painful torment” (Quran 44:10-11)

Again, beyond what has been stated explicitly by the Prophet, very little comment can be made concerning this sign. However, there is a hadeeth in which the Prophet said:

“Verily, your Lord has warned you concerning three [matters]: the smoke that overtakes the believer like a cold and overtakes the disbeliever and makes him swollen until it comes out of his ears.”

The Rising of the Sun from the West

According to a large number of the Quranic commentators, based on the hadeeth of the Prophet, the italicized portion of the following verse is in reference to the phenomenon of the rising of the sun from the West just prior to the Day of Resurrection:

“Do they then wait for anything other than that the angels should come to them, or that your Lord should come, or that some Signs of your Lord should come! The day that some of the Signs of your Lord do come, no good will it do to a person to believe then, if he believed not before, nor earned good (by performing deeds of righteousness) through his Faith. Say [to the disbelievers], ‘Wait you! We (too) are waiting’” (Quran 6:158).

In an authentic narration, the Prophet recited this verse after mentioning the people see the rising of the sun from the West. Thus, al-Bukhari records, that the Prophet said:

“The hour will not be established till the sun rises from the West; and when it rises (from the West) and the people see it, they all will believe. And that is (the time) when no good will it do to a soul to believe then.” Then he recited the complete verse (6:158).

In numerous narrations, the Prophet has made it abundantly clear that the nature of this sign is such that no one would have any reason to doubt, question or refuse to believe after seeing it. When an individual experiences a sign of this nature, the reality virtually becomes exposed to him and, therefore, there is no longer any sense of a trial or test. In fact, at that time, the test is over and the individual is already seeing the results unfolding in front of his/her very eyes. That is why “conversion” to faith will have no meaning at that time and will not be acceptable by God.

However, before this occurs, the door to repentance to God and His mercy is always open—such is how great the mercy of God is but it is also just and based on wisdom. Thus, Muslim recorded that the Prophet said:

“He who seeks repentance (from the Lord) before the rising of the sun from the west (before the Day of Resurrection), God turns to him with Mercy.”

The rising of the sun from the West is one of three greatly definitive signs of this nature. Thus, the Prophet said:

“When three things appear faith will not benefit one who has not previously believed or has derived no good from his faith: the rising of the sun in its place of setting, the Dajjaal, and the beast of the earth.”

Muslim also recorded that the Prophet said:

“The first sign would be the appearance of the sun from the west, the appearance of the beast before the people in the forenoon and which of the two happens first, the second one would follow immediately after that.”

This leads directly into the next sign which is the appearance of the Beast of the Earth.

The Beast of the Earth

God says in the Quran,

“And when the Word (of torment) is fulfilled against them, We shall bring out from the earth a beast to them, which will speak to them because mankind believed not with certainty in Our Signs” (al-Naml 27:82).

This verse referrs to the beast of the earth who will appear shortly before the Day of Judgment.

When the Beast comes, it will distinguish the people and declare who is a believer and who is a disbeliever. Ahmad recorded that the Prophet said:

“The beast will appear and he will brand the people on their noses. The people will then go on living with this branding such that a person will buy a camel and when he is asked, ‘From whom did you buy it?’ he will reply, ‘From one of the branded people.’” (Al-Albani)

The Fire that Will Gather the People

This is the last of the great signs. After this starts the beginning of a new experience and creation. Muslim records a hadeeth in which the Prophet stated the ten major signs and it concludes with, “at the end of which fire would burn forth from the Yemen, and would drive people to the place of their assembly.” One can only imagine the intensity of this fire and the shear horror and fear that the individuals alive at that time will experience. After this, all that will be left is for the masses of humanity to be resurrected and to face the reckoning of their Lord.

Final Words

No one, of course, can say why Allah has chosen to end this creation in the remarkable and amazing fashion that He has so chosen. This is truly an amazing and marvelous creation and perhaps it is fitting that it should be brought to an end via amazing and marvelous events. In any case, a Muslim knows with full certainty that this is what is going to occur, as the Quran and Prophet have described these events. These events will occur and the Hour will be established. With the Hour comes judgment and this is what every human should be thinking about and preparing for, especially as he/she is reading about these events that shall occur before that momentous occasion.

Islamic names for girls


Aa'idah: Name of a narrator of hadith.
Aabidah: Worshipper.
Aabirah: Fleeting, transitory, ephemeral.
Aabish: Daughter of sa'd, a queen of Iran (A.N).
Aafreen: Brave, Acclaim.
Aakifah: Devoted, Dedicated.
Aalimah: Scholar, Authority.
Aaliyah: Tall, Towering.
Aamilah: Doer of (good) deeds, Righteous.
Aaminah: Secured, Safe.
Aamirah: Inhabitant.
Aani Fatimah Khatoon: She was a literary woman and a poetess in Qastaniniyah.
Aanisah: Young lady, Maiden.
Aaqilah: Intelligent.
Aarifah: Knowing, Women who recognises Islam.
Aasimah: Protector, defendant, central.
Aatiqah: Shoulder (support) old.
Aatirah: Fragrant.
Abasah: Daughter of al-Mahdi.
Abeedah: Worshipper.
Abeerah: Rose, Sandal Saffron mixed together in fragrance.
Abqurah: Genius.
Afaf: Chaste, virtuous, decent, pure.
Afifah: Chaste, modest.
Afeerah: Covered with soil or dust.
Afra: Dust-coloured.
Afroze: Enlightening.
Afshan: Adornment aids.
Ahlam: Dreams.
Aighar: She was a religious, righteous woman.
A'ishah: Wife of the Prophet (SAW).
Ajeebah: A narrator of hadith.
Akifah: Intent, busy.
Alaia: Virtuous.
Aleemah: Knowing, Knowledgeable.
Aliyah: Exalted, noble.
Almas: Diamond.
Amal: Hope, aspiration.
Amal: Hopes, aspirations.
Amani: Wishes, aspirations.
Amatullah: Slave of Allah.
Ambar: Ambergris
Ameenah: Trustworthy.
Amilah: Hopeful.
Aminah: Trustworthy, faithful.
Aminah: Princess, leader.
Amirah: Royal lady, Princess.
Ammarah: An inhabitant.
Amrah: Headgear.
Anan: Clouds.
Anaum: The blessing of Allah.
Anbar: Perfume, ambergris.
Andalib: Nightingale.
Aneezah: She-Goat.
Angbin: Honey.
Anisah: Close, intimate, friendly.
Anjum: Stars.
Aqeelah: Wise, Sensible.
Anwar: Rays of light.
Aribah: Wise.
Arij: Sweet Smell.
Arjumand: Noble, Honourable.
Arub: Loving (to husband).
Arwa: Mountain gazelle
Asima: Protector.
Asiya: The Muslim wife of Pharaoh.
Asma: Loftier, more eminent.
Ateeqah: Old Ancient.
Athilah: Deep-rooted, firmly established.
Athmah: A narrator of HADITH.
Atifa: Affectionate, sympathetic.
Atiya*: Gift.
Awatif: Emotions.
Ayra: Respectable.
Ayshah: Wife of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W).
Azadeh: Princess.
Azeemah: Great.
Azhar: Flowers, blossoms.
Azizah: Esteemed, precious, cherished.
Azra: Maiden, Pious, Woman.
Azzah: Young, female gazelle


Badiyah: Desert.
Badriyah: Resembling the full moon.
Baha: Value, Worth.
Bahar: Spring, Prime (of life), Bloom (of youth).
Bahij: Splendid.
Bahiyyah: Radiant, beautiful.
Bahira: Dazzling, brilliant.
Bakht: Lot, Fate, Portion.
Bakhtawar: Fortunate, Lucky.
Banan: Delicate, finger tips.
Banujah: The daughter of al-Mahdi.
Barzah: She was a narrator of hadith.
Basbas: She was a slave girl of Ibn Nafees she was beautiful & had a melodeons voice.
Bashirah: Bringer of good tidings, joy.
Basilah: Brave, fearless.
Basimah: Smiling.
Basmah: A smile.
Batinah: Hidden, Inner.
Batool: A true devotee woman of Allah.
Beena: Seeing, clear sighted.
Bilqis: Queen of Sheeba.
Bisharah: A narrator of Hadith.
Buhaysah: A narrator of hadith.
Buhayyah: The name of a freed female slave.
Bunanah: Yazid al-Abshamiyah's daughter.
Buqayrah: A narrator of Hadith.
Bushra: Glad, tidings, good news.
Busrah: She was a companion who lived until the era of Muawiyah.
Buthaynah: Of beautiful and tender body


Dafiyah: Narrator of Hadith.
Daliya: Dahlia
Darakhshaan: Shinning.
Dawlah: Wealth, authority of state.
Dawlat Khatoon: She was from a ruling family.
Deeba: Obedience.
Dhakiyah: Bright, intelligent.
Dilshad Khatoon: She lived between 730-750.
Diqrah: A narrator of hadith.
Duha: Early Morning.
Dujanah: Rain.
Durdanah: Pearl.
Durrah: Pearl


Ermina: Friendly


Fadeelah: Superiority.
Fadilah: Distinguished, learned.
Fadwah: Name derived from self-sacrifice.
Faheemah: Intelligent.
Fahmida: Intelligent and Wise
Faidah*: Benefit, advantage.
Faiqah*: Excellent, superb.
Faizah: Successful.
Fakeehah: Cheerful.
Fakhirah: Splendid, Elegant.
Fakhr: Pride.
Fakhrun Nisa*: Pride of Women.
Fakhtah: A dove.
Fakihah: Fruit.
Falaq: Break of dawn.
Faqirah: Name of a beautiful woman (wife of Murrah al-Asadi).
Farah: Joy.
Faridah: Unique, matchless, precious gem.
Farhanah: Happy.
Cheer, Pleasure.
Farihah: Brisk, Swift.
Farkhandah: Happy, Lucky.
Farqad: Name of a star.
Faseehah: Eloquent.
Faseelah: Some distance.
Fateenah: Intelligent.
Fatihah: Opening.
Fatimah: A daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Fatinah: Captivating, alluring, intelligent.
Fawz: Success, Salvation.
Fawziyah: Successful.
Fayruz: Turquoise.
FarrukhHappy, Fortunate
Fiddah: Silver.
Firdous: Garden.
Firdaws: Highest garden in Paradise.
Foziah: Successful.
Fudayl: Learned, Scholar.
Furayah: Handsome, Well-built.
Fusaylah: Some distance.
Fuseelah: Name of a narrator of hadith.


Ghadir: She was a slave of Musa al-Hadi & Haroon Rashid.
Ghalibah: Dominant.
Ghaliyah: Fragrant, beloved, valuable.
Ghaneemah: Spoils, booty.
Ghareebah: Strange, foreign.
Ghayda: Young and delicate.
Ghazal: She was a narrator of Hadith.
Ghazalah*: Gazelle.
Ghaziyah: Female Warrior.
Ghitbah: She was a narrator of hadith.
Ghusun: Branches of tree.
Ghuzayyah: She was a narrator of hadith.
Gohar: Precious Stone.
Gul-e-Rana: Sweet-smelling rose.
Gulshan: Flower Garden


Hababah: A daughter of Ajlan; She was a narrator of Hadith.
Habibah: Beloved, sweetheart, darling.
Haboos: Name of a kind and benevolent noble lady who lived in Lebanon.
Hadeeqah: Garden.
Hadiyah: Guide to righteousness.
Hafizah*: Successful.
Hafsah: A wife of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Hajar: Wife of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S).
Hajjah: She was a narrator of Hadith.
Hajna: Daughter of Nusayb, she was a poetess.
Hajrah: The wife of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S).
Hakimah: Wise, judicious.
Halah: Aureole.
Halimah: Gentle, patient, mild-tempered.
Hamidah: Praising Allah, appreciative.
Hamidah: Praiseworthy, commendable.
Hamnah: She was a narrator of Hadith.
Hamra: Red.
Hana: Bliss, felicity.
Hanan: Mercy.
Hanfa: Name of the wife of Sayyidina Ismail (A.S).
Hani: Pleasant.
Hanifah: True believer, upright.
Haniah: Pleasant, agreeable.
Hannah: Affection.
Harir*: Silk.
Hasinah: Pretty, beautiful.
Hasna: Pretty.
Hawwa: Eve.
Hayah: Life.
Hayfa: Slender, of beautiful body.
Hayrah: She was a narrator of Hadith.
Hazimah: A female companion of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Hibah: Gift.
Hibatullah: Gift of Allah.
Hijab: Daughter of a Scholar from Baghdad.
Hind: India.
Hindah: Wife of Abu Sufyan.
Hoor: A virgin maiden of Paradise for its dwellers.
Hubayshah: She was a poetess.
Hubba: Daughter of Maalik bin Amr al-Adwaniyah.
Huda: Right guidance.
Huma: An Imaginary bird.
Humaydah: She was a narrator of hadith.
Humayrah: Red.
Hunaydah: She was a narrator of hadith.
Husna: Beautiful


Ibthaj: Joy.
Ibtihal: Supplication, prayer.
Ibtisam: Smile.
Iffah: Purity, modesty.
Iffat: Chastity.
Ikram: Honour, hospitality, generosity.
Ilham: Intuition, inspiration.
Ilm: Slave girl belonging to Zubaydah, wife of Harun al-Rashid had this name.
Iman: Faith, belief.
Imtihal: Polite, obedience.
In'am: Kindness, benefaction, bestowal.
Inan: A slave girl belonging to Haroon al-Rashid (Fih).
Inas: Sociability, geniality.
Inayah: Concern.
Intisar: Triumph.
Ishrat: Enjoyment, Gaiety.
Istabraq: Brocade.
Izdihar: Flourishing, blooming.
Izz: She was a narrator of hadith.
Izz an-Nisa: She was a narrator of Hadith.


Jaan: Life.
Jabalah: Daughter of Musafh; she was a narrator of hadith.
Jabin*: Forehead.
Jahan Aara: Adornment of the world.
Jahan Khatoon: She was a Persian poet.
Jahdamah: She was a female companion of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Jalilah: Splendid.
Janan: Heart, Soul.
Jamal: Beauty.
Jamilah: Beautiful, graceful.
Jannah: Heaven, paradise.
Jasmin: Flower.
Jasmina: Flower.
Jasrah: She was a narrator of Hadith.
Jawahir: Precious stones, jewels.
Jawharah: Jewel, gem.
Jumanah: Silver pearl.
Jumaymah: Name of a female companion.
Jumaynah: Gem, name of a female companion.
Juwariyah: She was the wife of the Prophet (S.A.W).


Kabirah: Elder, Big.
She was a companion.
Kaheesha: This was the name of a poetess, daughter of al-Waqa.
Kaleemah: Speaker.
Kaltham: Name of al-Qarshiyah who transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah.
Kamaliyah: Perfection.
Kamilah: Perfect, complete.
Kaneez: Slave.
Kanz: Treasure.
Kanzah: Treasure.
Karam: Noble nature.
Kardawiyah: A pious woman, daughter of Amr al-Basriyah was so named.
Karimah: Generous, noble.
Kas: Glass.
Kashifah: Reveler of Secrets.
Kathirah: Plenty.
Kaukab: Star.
Kawkab: Satellite.
Kawthar: River in Paradise.
Kaysah: She was a narrator of Hadith.
Kehkashan: Galaxy.
First wife of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Khalidah: Abiding, Forever.
Khalisah: Pure, clear.
Khansa: Old Arabic name.
Kharijah: External.
Khawlah: One who has beautiful features.
Khayrah: Good.
Khayriyah: Charitable, good.
Khazanah: Treasure.
Khidrah: Green.
Khudrah: Greenery.
Khulaybah: This was the name of an Arab poetess.
Khulud: Immorality.
Khursheed: sun.
Khusbakht: Lucky.
Khuwaylah: Gazelle.
Khuzamah: Lavender.
Kiswar: Territory.
Kuhaylah: Name of a pious woman who was a good speaker.
Kuwaysah: Pretty.


Labibah: Understanding, intelligent.
Laiqah*: Deserving, suitable, elegant.
Lama: Darkness of lips.
Lamisah: Soft to the touch.
Lamya: Of dark lips.
Latifah: Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly.
Laraib: Without a doubt.
Layyah: Twist, Flexure.
Leena: Plant of dates, soft, mild, clemency.
Leila: Night.
Lina: Palm tree.
Lubabah: The innermost essence.
Lubna: Storaz, Systrax.
Lu'lu: Pearls.
Lu Luah: She was a narrator of Hadith.
Lutfiyah: Delicate, graceful.


Madaniyah: Civilised, cultured.
Madhat: Praise.
Madihah: Praiseworthy.
Maha: Large eyes.
Mahbasah: A narrator of Hadith.
Mahbubah*: Beloved.
Mahfuzah*: Protected.
Mahirah: Adept, Expert.
Mahmudah*: Praised, commendable.
Mahum: Moon's Light.
Ma'isah: Walking with a proud, swinging gait.
Majidah: Glorious, noble, respected.
Makhtooma: Name of a female singer of the past.
Makhtoonah: Name of a singer and a beautiful lady of the past.
Malak: Angel.
Maleehah: Salty, Graceful, Brownish colour.
Malikah: Queen.
Manal: Attainment, achievement.
Manar: Guiding light (lighthouse).
Manhalah: Spring.
Mansurah: Supporter, victorious.
Maqboolah: A noted woman of the past had this name; Maqboolah Hanim.
Maram: Aspiration.
Maridah: A slave girl of Haroon Rashid had this name
Mariyah: Oryx, Addax.
Marjanah: Precious stone.
Maryum: Mother of Isa (A.S).
Masabeeh: Lamps, Lights.
Mashoodah: Evidenced.
Masoomah: Innocent.
Mas'udah*: Happy, lucky, fortunate.
Masumah: Innocent.
Mateenah: Firm, Solid, determined.
Mawahib: Talents.
Mawiyah: The mirror.
Maymunah: Auspicious, Blessed.
Maysa: To walk with a proud, swinging gait.
Maysun: Of beautiful face and body.
Mayyadah: To walk with a swinging gait.
Mehtab: Moon.
Misbah: Lamp, Light.
Miskeenah: Humble.
Muazah: She was a narrator of hadith.
Mubarakah: Blessed.
Mubashirah: Bringer of good news.
Mubassirah: One who comments.
Mubeenah: One who makes something clear

Madhat: Praise.
Madihah: Praiseworthy.
Maha: Large eyes.
Mahbasah: A narrator of Hadith.
Mahbubah*: Beloved.
Mahfuzah*: Protected.
Mahirah: Adept, Expert.
Mahmudah*: Praised, commendable.
Mahum: Moon's Light.
Ma'isah: Walking with a proud, swinging gait.
Majidah: Glorious, noble, respected.
Makhtooma: Name of a female singer of the past.
Makhtoonah: Name of a singer and a beautiful lady of the past.
Malak: Angel.
Maleehah: Salty, Graceful, Brownish colour.
Malikah: Queen.
Manal: Attainment, achievement.
Manhalah: Spring.
Mansurah: Supporter, victorious.
Maqboolah: A noted woman of the past had this name; Maqboolah Hanim.
Maram: Aspiration.
Maridah: A slave girl of Haroon Rashid had this name.


Nabihah: Intelligent, noble, eminent.
Nabilah: Noble, magnanimous.
Nada: Generosity, dew.
Nadimah: Friend.
Nadirah: Rare, precious.
Nadiyah: Caller, announcer.
Naeema: Ease, blessing.
Nafisah: Precious gem.
Nafiah: Profitable.
Nageenah: Precious Stone.
Na'ilah: Acquirer, obtainer, winner.
Na'imah: Comfort, tranquillity.
Najah: Success, safety.
Najdah: Courage, bravery.
Najibah: Of noble birth, distinguished.
Najidah: Succour, Help.
Najiyah: Safe.
Najla: Of wide eyes.
Najm: Star, Planet.
Najmah: Star.
Najwa: Confidential talk, secret conversation.
Naqeebah: Leader, Head, Chief.
Nargis: Narcissus.
Naseemah: Breeze.
Naseerah: Helper.
Nasha: Scent, perfume.
Nashat: Cheerfulness.
Nashirah: Publisher, Diffuser; Spreader.
Nashitah: Active, energetic.
Nashwa: Elated, flushed.
Nasihah: Advisor.
Nasifah: Just, equitable.
Nasihah: Sincere advisor.
Nasimah: Gentle breeze, zephyr.
Nasirah: Helper, protector.
Nasrin: Blue scented flower.
Naushaba: Elixir.
Nawal: Gift.
Nawar: The one who guards herself.
Good news.
Nawlah: She was a narrator of Hadith.
Nayyab: Very Rare, Exclusive.
Naazneen: Beautiful.
Nazahah: Purity, righteousness, honesty.
Nazakat: Delicacy, Subtlety.
Nazeefah: Clean.
Nazirah: Observer, supervisor.
Nazimah: Administrator.
Nazindah: Name of a liberal woman of Baghdad who founded a religious school.
Nazuk: Delicate.
Nelofar: Lotus, Water lily.
Nida: Call.
Ni'mah: Blessing, loan, favour.
Nimat: Blessing.
Nisa: Women.
Noor Jehan: An Indian Queen had this name.
Nu'aymah: Name of a narrator of hadith.
Nudbah: Lament, Scar; Mark.
Nudrat: Singularity.
Nuha: Intelligence.
Numa: Beautiful and pleasant.

One with good lineage.
Nusrat: Help, Victory.
Nuzhah: Excursion spot.
Nuzhat: Cheerfulness


There is currently no names in the database which begin with the letter O


Parveen: Very Noble


Qabalah: Responsibility.
Qabilah: Consenting.
Qabool: Accepted.
Qailah: One who speaks.
Qamar: Moon.
Qamayr: She was a narrator of Hadith.
Qaniah: Contended.
Qaraah: Cloudlet.
Qareebah: Near.
Qarasafahl: She was a narrator of Hadith.
Qasoomah: She was a poetess.
Qaylah: Two women companions had this name.
Qaymayriyah: She was a student of Hadith.
Qaysar: A name of women.
Qisaf: Brittle.
Quddusiyyah: Sacred, Pious.
Qudsiyah: Holy.
Quraybah: Utricle.
Qurratul Ayn: Delights of the eye, darling.
Qutaylah: She was a companion.
Qutayyah: She was a student of Hadith


Rabab: White cloud.
Rabi'ah*: Fourth.
Rabitah: Bond, tie.
Radeyah: Content, satisfied.
Raeesah: Princess; Noble lady.
Rafeeqah: Friend; Soft-hearted.
Rafiah: High, sublime, exquisite.
Rafiqah: Friend, companion.
Raghad: Pleasant.
Raghibah: Desiring, desirous.
Rahat: Comfort.
Rahilah: One who travels.
Rahimah: Merciful, companionate, kind.
Rahmah: Compassion, mercy.
Raidah: Leader, pioneer.
Raiqah: Clear, Pure, Undisturbed.
Raisah*: Leader, matron.
Raitah: A narrator of Hadith.
Raja: Hopeful, hope.
Rajiyah: Hoping, full of hope.
Rakhshan: Dazzling, bright


Saadat: Blessing.
Saba: Sheba.
Sabah: Morning, dawn.
Sabahat: Grace.
Sabihah: Beautiful, graceful.
Sabiqah: Past.
Sabirah: Patient, perseverant.
Sabburah: Very patient, enduring.
Sadaf: Shell, Oyster.
Sadaqat: Truth.
Sadiqah: Truthful, sincere.
Sadiyah: Blessed.
Sadoof: Name of a poetess.
Saeedah: Fortunate, Auspicious.
Safa: Clarity, purity of mind, serenity.
Safeenah: Ship.
Safeerah: Messenger; Ambassador.
Safiyyah: Untroubled, serene, pure, best friend.
Safoorah: Wife of Prophet Musa (A.S).
Safwah: An Arab feminine name.
Sagheerah: Short.
Sahar: Dawn, early morning
Sahirah: Wakeful.
Sahlah: Easy, convenient.
Saibah: She was a narrator of hadith.
Saidah: Happy, fortunate.
Saimah*: Fasting.
Sairah: One who travels.
Sajidah: Prostrating to Allah.
Sakinah: Allah-inspired peace of mind.
Sakhawat: Generosity.
Sakina: She was a narrator of Hadith.
Saleemah: Healthy, Sound.
Salifah: Previous.
Salihah: Good, useful, righteous, devout.
Salikah: Following; Mystic.
Salimah: Sound, safe, healthy.
Salimah: Peace, flawless, faultless, safe, healthy.
Salma: Peaceful.
Salwa: Solace, quail, comfort.
Samar: Evening conversation.
Samarah: A narrator of Hadith.
Sameenah: Overweight, fat.
Samirah: Entertaining female companion.
Samiyah: Elevated, exalted, lofty.
Sana: Resplendence, brilliance; to gaze, look.
Sanaubar: Cone bearing tree.
Saniyah: She was a narrator of Hadith.
Sanjeedah: Serious.
Sarah: Pure, Happy.
Sariyah: Name of a female companion.
Sarra: She was a female companion.
Sarwar: Chief.
Sarwari: Chief.
Sawdah: A wife of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Sawsan: Lily.
Sayyidah: Chief.
Seemeen: Name of some women.
Shabeehah: Picture, Image, Like.
Shabnam: Dew.
Shadha: Aromatic.
Shafiah: Intercessor.
Shafiqah: Compassionate, tender.
Shafqat: Affection.
Shagufta: Blooming, Happy.
Shaheen: Falcon.
Shaheenah: Falcon.
Shaheerah: Well-known.
Shahidah: Witness.
Shahidah: Martyr.
Shahirah: Renowned.
Shahla: Dark flower, Dark grey eyes.
Shahnaz: Bride.
Shairah: Poetess.
Shaistah: Polite, Courteous.
Shajarah: Tree.
Shajee'ah: Brave.
Shakeelah: Comely, beautiful.
Shakirah: Thankful, grateful.
Shakurah: Grateful, very thankful.
Shamailah: Good traits excellent disposition.
Shamamah: Fragrance.
Shamoodah: Diamond.
Shaqeeqah: Real sister.
Sharifah: Noble, honoured, distinguished.
Shareekah: Partner.
Shariqah: Shining.
Shatha: She was a narrator of Hadith.
Shayma: Having a beauty spot.
Shifa: Healing.
Shireen: Sweet.
Shu'a: Rays of Sun light.
Shumaysah: She was a narrator of Hadith.
Shurafa: Noble.
Siddiqah: Strictly veracious, honest.
Sidrah: Name of a tree.
Siham: Arrows.
Sitarah: Star.
Su'ad: Good fortune
Sughra: Small.
Suha: Name of a star.
Suhaylah: Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing.
Suhaymah: Small arrow.
Suhayr: Proper name.
Suheera: Beautiful.
Sukaynah: Calm, Quietude.
Sultanah: Sultana.
Sulafah: Choicest.
Sumanah: She was a narrator of Hadith.
Sumayrah: Brownish.
Sumaytah: She was a companion.
Summayyah: First martyr of Islam.
Sumnah: Name of an Arab girl (FH).
Suwaydah: She was a narrator of Hadith.
Swiyyah: Little one


Tabalah: She was a narrator of Hadith.
Taban: Glittering, splendid.
Tabassum: Smile- happiness.
Tahirah: Pure, chaste.
Tahiyah: Greeting, cheer.
Tahseenah: Acclaim.
Taibah: Repentant.
Taj: Crown.
Tansin*: Praise, beautification.
Tali: Rising star, rising.
Talhah: She was a narrator of Hadith.
Talibah: Seeker-after knowledge.
Tamanna: Desire.
Tameemah: Name os a poetess.
Tanweer: Radiant, Illuminating.
Taqiyah: Pious, righteous.
Tara: Star.
Tarannum: Singing.
Tarub: Merry.
Tasnim: Fountain of paradise.
Tawoos: Peacock.

Taybah: Pure.
Tayyibah: Good, pleasant, agreeable.
Thabitah: Firm.
Thaman: Price.
Thaminah: Precious, generous.
Thana: Thankfulness, praise.
Thara: Wealth.
Tharwat: Wealth.
Tharya: Name of a pious woman.
Thawab: Reward.
Thumamah: A writer and a poetess.
Thuml: Name of an early distinguished woman.
Thurayya: Star.
Thuwaybah: Name of one of the wet-nurses of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Tooba: Good news.
Tulayhah: She was a narrator of Hadith.
Tumadur: Old Arabic name.


Udaysah: She was a narrator of Hadith.
Ulfah: Friendship, harmony, love.
Umamah: Proper name.
Umaymah: Young mother.
Umaynah: She was a narrator of Hadith.
Umayrah: She was the daughter of Alqamah.
Ummayyah: She was a narrator of Hadith.
Umm Kulthum: One with round face.
Unaysah: Friendly; Affable.
Urooj: Height, Exalation.
Utaybah: A narrator of Hadith.
Uzma*: Greatest.


There are currently no names in the database, which begin with the letter V.


Wafa: Faithfulness.
Wafiyah: Loyal, faithful.
Wahabah: This was the name of a poetess.
Wahibah: Giver, donor.
Wahidah: Exclusive, unique.
Wajahat: Respect.
Wajihah: Eminent, distinguished.
Wakalat: Advocacy.
Wakeelah: Agent.
Walihah: This was the name of a poetess.
Waliyah: Princess.
Waqar: Dignity.
Wardah: Rose.
Warithah*: Heiress.
Waseefah: Female Servant; Mid-in-waiting.
Waseemah: Comely.
Wasifah: One who describes.
Wasilah: Inseparable friend.
Wasimah: Graceful, pretty.
Wasna: A narrator of Hadith had this name.
Widad: Love, friendship.
Wijdan: Sentiment


There are currently no names in the database, which begin with the letter X.


Yalqoot: An early woman who gave much in charity.
Yaminah: Right and proper.
Yamamah: Valley in Arabia.
Yaqoot: Ruby.
Yasmin: Jasmine flower.
Yumna: Good fortune, success.
Yusra: Prosperous


Zafeerah: Firm.
Zafirah: Victorious.
Zaheerah: Helper, Assistant.
Zahidah: Abstinent.
Zahirah: Obvious.
Zahra: Beautiful.
Zahrah: Beauty; the planet venus.
Zairah: Visitor.
Zakirah: One who remembers Allah regularly.
Zakiyah: Intelligent.
Zameelah: Companion.
Zamrud: She was a narrator of Hadith.
Zafeerah: Witty. She was a narrator of Hadith.
Zareenah: A companion of Prophet (S.A.W).
Zarqa: Blue.
Zarrah: She was a narrator of Hadith.
Zayb: Adornment.
Zayba: Adornment; Beauty.
Zayn: Beauty; grace.
Zaynab: Proper Name, Name of Prophet's Daughter.
Zaytoon: Olive

Sunday, May 18, 2008

You Are My Best Friend!

Best friends we are ,
Best friends we'll be,
For always forever,
You and Me!

Longer than a phone call,
Deeper than the sea,
All this belongs to us,
You and Me!

Put it in a bottle,
Never let it free,
keep it in your heart,
You and Me!

I hope you read this poem,
Remember it for me,
Look after it with care,
You and Me!

just 4 u mehvish

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How to Enjoy Life as a Teen

The "best years of your life"? Maybe not, but you can learn to make the most of your high school days.


  1. Focus on the positives of each day.
  2. Choose your friends wisely. Unlike what many articles state, you don't have to be popular and have a gazillion friends to be happy. In fact, many of the "friends" you have when you are popular are not true friends. Four or Five close friends is really all you need.
  3. Play a sport or work out. Having a healthy body leads to a healthy and happy mind. Being confident in your appearance makes you more confident in other areas.
  4. Be sociable. Participating in clubs and sports increases your chances of meeting friends. While you only need 4 or 5 close friends, that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to meet new people. Participating gives you something to do instead of sitting bored at home and wallowing in self- pity.
  5. Go for it! If you have a special girl/guy you want to ask out, dance with, etc. just ask! You probably won't be rejected but if you are, remember that there will always be someone else.
  6. Keep your grades up. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your hard work pay off in the form of A's and B's. This also sets you up to get into a college you want to go to, which in turn prepares you for a career you will enjoy, improving your quality of life in the future.
  7. Find a hobby you enjoy so that when you can't be with your friends,you can pursue interests you enjoy. Video games are not good, neither is sitting on your booty watching the tele. Find a hobby that is actually meaningful or practical. Ok, as nerdy as it sounds, use your "hobby time" to either A) Volunteer (to gain practical skills for college apps and scholarships) B. Learn an instrument, or get into something else in the creative field like painting or dance, because this is the time to start developing and uncovering passions that might otherwise lie dormant. C) Work at a job you can enjoy. Working is a great way to gain experience and to meet other people. When you do get out of college, interviewing companies will look at your prior work experience.
  8. Do your best at everything so you can be proud of everything you do. But remember to give yourself a break when you fail.
  9. Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets.
  10. If you are not good at sports, join the band or choir. You'll still be going to games for free like the jocks if you are in pep band, and you have as many opportunities to meet new people as the jocks. Also those band trips may be even more fun than the "jock" trips.

  • Organizing and prioritizing your life will get rid of so much stress. Get a calendar, PDA, anything. Seeing your life laid out will let you see how much you really can do.
  • If you are more of an introvert and want to have more confidence around people, set goals to become more open. For example, contribute to class discussions, start a conversation with someone, etc.
  • There are all sorts of articles on how to be more confident, look at them for ideas but do not follow just one.
  • Be yourself. It's no fun pretending to be someone else. Instead, make yourself better.
  • If you want to change your style of dress, don't be afraid to do it. People will notice but they won't find it "strange" or "weird"; in fact, they usually notice a lot less than you'd expect.
  • Find things which excite you. It might be a sport, an academic subject, or the works of an author/movie maker. Find ways to relate the things which interest you to your life. Being able to relate things to your interests/passions will help you to, eventually, enjoy everything which you do.
  • It sounds cheesy, but enjoy your schoolwork. If there's something which you don't understand, then instead of trying to re-read your notes, ask somebody who is knowledgeable and passionate about that subject. Even if the subject doesn't completely interest you, talking with somebody who is excited about it will help you to understand it better. Perhaps you will also find it interesting.
  • Remember, school is like a job and your grades are like your money.
  • If you find something interesting and enjoy doing it, you will get better at it. This comes in useful later in life.
  • Although a job is great for money, don't work too much if you can avoid it. You will never have any time for fun with your friends
  • Don't try to live up to anyone's standards but your own. If your parents think a B+ is a terrible test grade, work harder next time but don't get wigged out about it.
  • Don't worry about what others have to say about you. Their opinions don't matter and only come from a source that doesn't know you.


  • Be very careful around drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. These things could ruin your life and make you depressed. Any true friend will not force you to do such a thing. If someone you know is abusing substances, don't let them control that person's life.
  • Don't fall to pressure with dating, kissing and sex.

Internet, Porn and cybersex addictions

The Internet is a wonderful tool for communication. However, it can become an escape from reality that has the appearance of safety, intimacy and anonymity. Use of the Internet for games, gambling, messages, porn or cybersex can become as addictive as any other activity

What is Internet or Computer Addiction?

  • A student has difficulty getting his/her homework done because computer games occupy all after-school time.
  • Someone connects to the Internet at 9:00pm and suddenly discovers it is dawn and he/she has not left the computer.
  • A wife is distraught because her husband has replaced their sexual relationship with Internet porn and online sex.

Searching for information, skimming news headlines, downloading your favorite songs, or placing bids on eBay … the options are endless. We all enjoy the benefits of the Internet. But at what point does frequent online activity become too frequent and become a source of significant problems in someone’s life? Internet addiction is generally defined as spending so much time online that Internet use adversely affects marriages, family and social life, work, and psychological and physical well-being.

Signs and symptoms of Internet or Computer Addiction

As with any other addiction, a computer addict is likely to have several of the experiences and feelings on the list below. How many of them describe you or someone close to you?

  • Have mixed feelings of well-being and guilt while at the computer.
  • Lose control of time while on the computer; want to quit or cut down, but are unable to.
  • Neglect friends, family and/or responsibilities in order to be online.
  • Lie to your boss and family about the amount of time spent on the computer and what you do while on it.
  • Feel anxious, depressed, or irritable when your computer time is shortened or interrupted.
  • Use the computer repeatedly as an outlet when sad, upset, or for sexual gratification.
  • Develop problems in school or on the job as a result of the time spent and the type of activities accessed on the computer.
  • Have financial problems due to on-line purchases or gambling.
  • Become tempted to get involved in relationships with strangers, which may put you at risk for victimization or jeopardize your safety.

Health effects associated with computer addiction

Being addicted to the computer also can cause physical discomfort or medical problems:

  • Carpal Tunnel syndrome (pain, numbness, and burning in your hands that can radiate up the wrists, elbows, and shoulders)
  • Dry eyes
  • Backaches
  • Severe headaches
  • Eating irregularities, such as skipping meals
  • Failure to attend to personal hygiene
  • Sleep disturbances

Who is most at risk for internet addiction?

Internet addiction affects people of varying ages, cultural backgrounds, occupations, and educational levels. The following problems are likely triggers for internet addiction:

Triggers for Internet Addiction
Substance Abuse Mental Illness Relationship Troubles

Over half of Internet addicts suffer from other addictions, mainly to drugs, alcohol, smoking, and sex.

Trends show that Internet addicts suffer from emotional problems such as depression and anxiety-related disorders and often use the fantasy world of the Internet to psychologically escape unpleasant feelings or stressful situations.

In almost 75% of cases, Internet addicts use applications such as chat rooms, instant messaging, or online gaming as a safe way of establishing new relationships and more confidently relating to others.

Breaking addiction to the Internet

The first step is recognizing that there is a problem.

Overcoming denial should be followed by other treatment steps, including:

  • Identifying specific problem areas
  • Generating a behavior modification plan, such as setting a timer for usage, planning a daily schedule, keeping a log of moods when going online, matching time spent online with time spent socializing face-to-face and taking part in non-computer related activities
  • Focusing on other areas for needed skill enhancement, such as problem solving, assertiveness, social skills, overcoming shyness, anger control
  • Assessing for other disorders like depression or anxiety that may need medical treatment.
  • Assistance in locating or forming a support group for other people who are trying to regain control over their computer use.

If you suspect you are addicted to the Web, consult a therapist in your area, preferably one who specializes in addiction.

  • Consider taking a technology holiday
  • Find other interests
  • Exercise
  • Watch less television
  • Talk to your friends and family about what is happening in your life
  • Try counseling or psychotherapy to assist you in dealing with the addictive behavior
  • Consider a support group
  • Develop new relationships and friendships
  • Talk to others about your overuse of the Internet
  • Shorten your Internet sessions

For a full text of these suggestions see Ten Steps to Reclaim Real-Time Living

How can I help computer-obsessed friends?

  • Be a good role model. Manage the computer use in your own life well
  • Introduce them to some other people who are fun, interesting, and who handle their computer use sensibly.
  • Get them involved in some non-computer related fun.
  • Support their desire for change if they think they have a problem.
  • Encourage them to seek professional counseling.

What are some tips for parents dealing with Internet addiction?

If your child shows signs of Internet addiction, there are many things that you as a parent can do to help. See the table below for tips on dealing with the problem:

Helping a Child with Internet Addiction

Encourage other interests

Get your child out from behind the computer screen. Expose kids to other hobbies and activities, including sports, music, art, and educational or cultural pastimes. Take your kid to a ball game or a play, sign up for swimming lessons or a ceramics class, visit your local library or a museum.

Encourage social activities

Excessive computer use can be isolating. Help your child reconnect with other children and make new friends. Options include team sports, the Boy or Girl Scouts, and afterschool clubs.

Set clear limits and rules

Establish rules about when and for how long your child can surf online. Limit the amount of Internet time your child is allowed each day, and restrict Internet use until homework and chores are done.

Monitor computer use

Make sure the computer is in a common area of the house where you can keep an eye on your child's online activity. While personal supervision is essential, parental control software can be a useful supplementary tool.

Be a good role model

Your child looks to you as an example. Make sure your own computer use is not out of control. It will be difficult to enforce Internet rules if your child sees you breaking them.

Seek professional counseling

If your child has an Internet addiction, it may indicate a deeper problem such as anxiety or depression. If symptoms are severe or you're concerned about your child's emotional state, schedule an appointment with a mental health professional.

Internet Pornography and Cybersex

What strategies do online porn sites use to trap and hold viewers?

While offensive and distasteful to many users, most Internet porn is not illegal. Countries have different cultural standards and legislation regarding sexual material, and content that is banned in one jurisdiction may be easily accessible on servers in another.

For parents, one of the most disturbing aspects of the Internet is the easy access it gives kids to porn. Hard-core sexual images, which were once very difficult to acquire, are now just a mouse click away. Teens, particularly adolescent males, have always been driven by natural curiosity to seek out pornography. This hasn't changed. What's different is the easy access the Internet gives kids to deviant or violent sexual content, which may have an influence on their developing attitudes towards sexuality and relationships.
The online porn industry uses many strategies to promote use of their sites, including:

  • Pop-up windows: trap users in an endless loop of porn.
  • Home page hijacking: (planting a Java script command on computers to change the user's default home page to a porn site). Changing the home page back to its original setting appears to solve the problem until the computer is rebooted; then the offensive site re-appears as the home page.
  • Stealth sites: a variety of techniques, including buying up expired domain names, exploiting common misspellings, or using well-known names of companies or artists.
  • Hidden key words that are picked up by search engines: Porn operators bury key words, including brand names of popular toys or names of pop artists, in the code of their Web sites to lead children and teens to their sites.

What are some tips for dealing with online pornography?

For children and teens:

There are many steps you can take to safeguard your children and teenagers from pornography on the Internet. First, your family should establish rules regarding Internet use. It can be helpful to create an online agreement.

It is also important to discuss the dangers of pornography with your children and teenagers. They should be warned about sexual predators and taught how to protect themselves from exploitation. parents are recommended to teach their children the following safety rules:

  • Never arrange a face-to-face meeting with someone you meet online.
  • Never upload pictures of yourself onto the Internet to people you don't personally know.
  • Never give out identifying information such as your name, home address, school name, or telephone number.
  • Never download pictures from an unknown source, as there is a good chance there could be sexually explicit images.
  • Never respond to messages or bulletin board postings that are suggestive, obscene, belligerent, or harassing.
  • Whatever you are told online may or may not be true.

For adults:

Pornography becomes an obsessive relationship with fantasy objects. Because real people cannot compete with fantasy, pornography ultimately interferes with—and may even replace—genuine relationships. Cybersex involves online chat rooms and online sexual encounters, and generally includes several aspects of pornography.

Two online questionnaires can help you more objectively assess your addiction to internet porn or to cybersex:

  • Porn Addiction Questionnaire (from Self Help: Overcoming Pornography Addiction)
  • Cybersex Addiction Questionnaire (Rob Weiss, M.A., from the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health)

Once you have broken through your denial about your addiction, you will need help in overcoming the addiction, and in developing healthier patterns of relating to the “real” people in your life. Many useful suggestions for overcoming Internet addiction, as well as internet porn and cybersex addictions, can be found on college counseling sites, such as Texas State

Mom we love you

Her name stands for courage
She is the personality who has had the most influence on my personality.She taught me some of the greatest lessons in life,most important was that
Life is not about goods and bads,its more to do with your attitude.If
someone is bad with you, dont fall below your dignity to teach that one a
lesson,raise the bar and bring him to your level.She has been an
inspiring angel in my life,always teaching me things which a true teacher can
teach.One thing i have learned from her is never get affected by people
and one's attitude is the biggest weapon in our hand to fight this world.
no one has the right to kill your happiness, its your mind and heart that
has to be in control, rest things take care of themselves.Life is not
about taking from this world, one has also to give to this world, and thats
when your worth is decided.
One thing in my life will be to replicate what she has taught me with
outright honesty.
and i would pray to god that every time i'm born in this world, i get this
lady as my mom
She has the sweetest heart
down the ages, mothers have shaped destinies.i can justify it by saying that the kind of person i am today is just because of my mother. she carved a beautiful young lady out of a sibling i.e "me".
she is my true hero because she suffered for the just cause,she fought cruelty with love and affection.instilled in me the courage to face upto the harsh realities of life. guided me along the right path.
finally my mother taught me to live life with DIGNITY.
this is what makes my mother different from others. she is my teacher,my friend,my strength, my weakness and on top of it our FAMILY.
she is a great woman because " A GREAT WOMAN INSPIRES OTHERS WITH COMFIDENCE IN THEMSELVES"... she is one of the most beautiful lady because beauty comes from inside and i guess my mother has the sweetest heart.
Nothing can match my mother
Ma is something, which the creator himself is proud of and goes about mentioning about her importance and the role she plays in all most all the religious books
She is the one who is absolutely free from any sort of short coming's,she is like fresh air which breezes all day all night for her children tirelessly, she has no expectations for all she does, its pure love,caring and nurturing qualities thats imbibed in her.
No money, No wealth, No riches, nothing whatsoever can match a MOTHER
"Heaven is underneath Mother's feet".
Regards to all moms of the world

I can no longer sit on your lap,
so let me sit right next to you and wrap
these large arms around your neck
and kiss your cheeks, Mother.

Place my head on your bosom,
and cradle me, cradle me in your heart.
Kiss me, too, on the cheeks, now tear-stained.
Mother, oh Mother,
I can't have you forever.
I can't have you forever.

Are you also crying now,

we and our parents

Bridging the Generation Gap

My child thinks I'm her enemy
Parents, when their offspring enter the dreaded teen years, look back nostalgically on the days when their children hadn't learned to speak yet, were cute and adoring, and hung on to every word that their parents said.One day, puberty happens and the sweet angels of yesterday begin to act like their parents are their worst enemies.
Mother says, "I don't know what's come over my daughter,She's always arguing with me about the silliest things. A single day doesn't go by without her screaming at me and storming out of the room. I don't know how to deal with her. In my day, I was not allowed to raise my voice to my parents."
Father is as confused about his son,He says, "I've always wanted to give my son the best of things, but his demands never seem to end. He's constantly asking me for money to go out to pubs and discos and to buy the 'latest' clothes. If I say no, he makes me feel like a tyrant and says that none of the other parents object."
Being 'grown up' isn't all fun and games
Teenagers are a mass of confusion as they sit on the fence between their childhood and adulthood. Growing up can be quite scary. While being 'grown up' has many attractions, the responsibilities that go with it often come as a nasty surprise. For instance, teenagers want to stay out till all hours of the night, but when it comes to waking up in the morning in time for classes, it's a different story. Parents must make them understand that if they want to party hard, they must also work hard.
My child is ashamed of me
Parents may feel a little like discarded old shoes,as friends become all-important to their children. It's not unusual for teenagers to go through a phase when they feel ashamed of their parents, afraid that their might not live up to their friends' standards.This can be very hurtful for parents, but they shouldn't take it personally. Just be cordial to your children's friends and maintain a distance. However, do not brook any discourteous behaviour for your children.
I want my freedom
Teenagers are always talking about their freedom, usually in context of how their parents are obstacles. The minute you give children a curfew, or object to their clothes or hair, or do not allow them to go away for the weekend, you become the evil dictator who will never understand. Suddenly, 'generation gap' becomes a buzzword. It's as if one day you and your child find yourselves on opposite sides of the fence and there's no meeting ground. Each one feels that the other is speaking a foreign language.
Age is more than a number
However, parents don't realize that if they were to throw in the towel and let their teenagers run wild without any supervision, it would be a truly frightening experience for their children. Teenagers may not know it or admit it, but they need their parents to guide them about what's right and what's wrong. This is one area where age does matter and no matter how things change, parents should go with their instincts when it comes to deciding that some things are just not done.
Communication is the key
This is the time when teenagers try to become individuals in their own right and try to move out from under the protective wing of their parents. They will try out many things in order to be 'in' with the crowd whether it's smoking, drinking, wearing skimpy clothes or even losing their virginity. This is not the time to play the great dictator and alienate your children. Talk to them, but don't talk down to them.
The way to do it, is not by making yourself out to be the enemy and coming down on them heavily for every transgression (and there will be many). Try to lay down the ground rules right in the beginning. It is difficult for anyone to interpret the teenage mind, but try to convey the fact that you're on their side. Parents tend to forget that they were teenagers too once and their self-righteousness doesn't win them any points with their children.
Most parents tend to forget that babies do grow up someday and when the time comes, they must let them go and find their own way in the world. You can't protect your children forever and they won't thank you if you try to.