Monday, May 19, 2008

How to keep frustration away and keep mind cool and calm?

Ask yourself, what do you love most? whom do you love most?

When your in a bad/frustrated mood, do you like people around you? or u just want to stay away from them.

1. If you like people around you, spend time with the person in whom u can confide, and talk to him/her about what worries you. It could be ur brother/sister/mom/dad/aunt/uncle/relati... and absolutely anybody.

2. If you don't like people around you at that moment in time, relax try being alone, do you like music? switch on to it, do you like reading books? do what you like doing best, it's surely gonna help you.

3. If you are in serious trouble and cant get ur life together, get professional help!
4.just dont think about problems try to be smile all the time
dont take in ur mind that u r sad
put in ur mind that u r happy
try to listen to calm music and u will be calm down

5.hat you seek is considered a desirable character trait. and like anything that is good like that it has a learning curve. it a process that is best learned by small steps of faith. you discharge the responsibilities the best you can and trust the rest to God. As time and hard trials accumulate in life the experiences will produce the foundation that marks maturity. when you have that foundation its a simple matter of not forgetting what you learned in the light when times are dark...

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