Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mom we love you

Her name stands for courage
She is the personality who has had the most influence on my personality.She taught me some of the greatest lessons in life,most important was that
Life is not about goods and bads,its more to do with your attitude.If
someone is bad with you, dont fall below your dignity to teach that one a
lesson,raise the bar and bring him to your level.She has been an
inspiring angel in my life,always teaching me things which a true teacher can
teach.One thing i have learned from her is never get affected by people
and one's attitude is the biggest weapon in our hand to fight this world.
no one has the right to kill your happiness, its your mind and heart that
has to be in control, rest things take care of themselves.Life is not
about taking from this world, one has also to give to this world, and thats
when your worth is decided.
One thing in my life will be to replicate what she has taught me with
outright honesty.
and i would pray to god that every time i'm born in this world, i get this
lady as my mom
She has the sweetest heart
down the ages, mothers have shaped destinies.i can justify it by saying that the kind of person i am today is just because of my mother. she carved a beautiful young lady out of a sibling i.e "me".
she is my true hero because she suffered for the just cause,she fought cruelty with love and affection.instilled in me the courage to face upto the harsh realities of life. guided me along the right path.
finally my mother taught me to live life with DIGNITY.
this is what makes my mother different from others. she is my teacher,my friend,my strength, my weakness and on top of it our FAMILY.
she is a great woman because " A GREAT WOMAN INSPIRES OTHERS WITH COMFIDENCE IN THEMSELVES"... she is one of the most beautiful lady because beauty comes from inside and i guess my mother has the sweetest heart.
Nothing can match my mother
Ma is something, which the creator himself is proud of and goes about mentioning about her importance and the role she plays in all most all the religious books
She is the one who is absolutely free from any sort of short coming's,she is like fresh air which breezes all day all night for her children tirelessly, she has no expectations for all she does, its pure love,caring and nurturing qualities thats imbibed in her.
No money, No wealth, No riches, nothing whatsoever can match a MOTHER
"Heaven is underneath Mother's feet".
Regards to all moms of the world

I can no longer sit on your lap,
so let me sit right next to you and wrap
these large arms around your neck
and kiss your cheeks, Mother.

Place my head on your bosom,
and cradle me, cradle me in your heart.
Kiss me, too, on the cheeks, now tear-stained.
Mother, oh Mother,
I can't have you forever.
I can't have you forever.

Are you also crying now,

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