Monday, August 15, 2011

Why is it so hard to forget the person who hurt us most, escpecially when its the one whom we loved the most?

“Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting them back together.”

Knowing how to let go of someone you love is tough, but you’re not alone if you’re holding on to the past! It’s hard to let go.Because the more we care, the greater our expectations, and the greater the disappointment if those expectations aren't met. How can we ever forget the ones we've loved the most? They became part of us, so forgetting them would be denying a part of who we are.Sometimes it’s worse (in the long run) to try to get back together. Sometimes you need to keep forging ahead, and learn to survive heartbreak.

How to Let Go of Someone You Love

Remember both the good and the bad parts of the relationship

When you’ve lost someone you love, it’s easy to focus on the great parts of your relationship and life together. But, there was a reason you broke up — maybe even several reasons! Don’t ignore the “bad” parts of the relationship and idealize the best parts…instead, keep reminding yourself that you’re letting go of the past because holding on to it isn’t good for you.

Accept that your loss may always hurt or confuse you

Some things, we never ever get over — but we can still live full, rewarding lives and achieve our goals! Part of letting go of someone you love is accepthing that you may never have all the answers.

Rebuild yourself

Your losses, heartbreaks, setbacks, and disappointments have made you a different person — a better, more unique, more compassionate person! Instead of mourning what was or what could have been, start something new in your life. Think about what goals you should set for your life. Volunteer, take a solo vacation, join a new gym,join a support group, check out a new social club, quit your job, and set new life goals. Rebuild your life — set new life goals.

Accept your lack of control over other people

No matter how “good”, smart, helpful, giving, or attractive you are, you can’t control other people. If they leave you, they have their reasons…and sometimes those reasons have nothing to do with you. The sooner you accept your lack of control, the easier it’ll be to let go of someone you love.

Remember that letting go of love doesn’t happen overnight

Letting go of the past isn’t something you do once – and poof! You’re free, healed, and happy! Rather, letting go is a journey peppered with steps forward and steps backward, good days and bad days. I grew up with time and keep on learning new things as I proceed in my life.I learned how to love, let go, and open my heart to love again. And I’ve survived those heart-wrenching, gut-twisting breakups that slam you to the ground and rip you to pieces. Letting go is a process that takes time.Keeping hope alive is what one needs so BEST OF LUCK :)


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