Saturday, August 16, 2008

The brutality of troops in kashmir

The vote bank politics going on in Jammu and Kashmir has left every one in doubt about their future . The people are acting like puppets in hands of the politic leaders. The land issue didn’t have a better solution than this. We got our land back and that would also benefit the yatris. Then what is the basis for BJP to make it an issue. Why are we thinking of Jammu and Kashmir as separate provinces? They are the part of this jannat and I don’t think they would ever be stopped to use their own resources. The thing is land and it will be used for their benefit, although SASB should not be its sole owner. The leaders are safe but we are at risk; our future is at risk. We are being harassed;We are being killed...Tell me why do always innocent suffer????????
We can take a step forward and again unite. Let’s join hands and restore peace in the state.

coz UNITED WE RISE;DIVIDED WE FALL......Letz pray everything getz fine over here n the demands are fullfiled.
Allah sab shaheedun ko magfirat karein...Ameen

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Anonymous said...

nice blog...can i know your name...u doing good work keep it up..we need young generation like you...who involve themselves in this good work...keep on spreding the issue...We really are taken 4 granted let masses wake n take action...Kashmir will inshallah get freedom...wish u luck