Monday, August 25, 2008

Kashmir in despair

The enchanting slogans rocking the whole state,for about two months now;has brought normal life to a halt.Exams post phoned,business affected,office work pending,innocent killed-overall disturbance.We have landed in a situation where we are clueless about our future.We Kashmiris have been suffering this for almost from the beginning.We have been demanding freedom since past 20 years but no one is paying heeds.We aren't demanding separation from our motherland-INDIA but freedom from all the harassment we are suffering & have suffered.We want dignity,respect,equality and that's why we are shouting,crying our heart out;may be this time we get what we want.It's quite hilarious to see that Kashmir is a part of a country which celebrated its 62nd independence day just a few days back.What independence we have? We are looked down everywhere.Why only we belonging to the Muslim community get bullet for raising our voice,hanged for no fault of ours.Why is it so that in recent clashes we met death,got 303 but Ah!!! Hindus not even received d lathe.Why is Afzal Guru being hanged because firstly he is a Muslim and secondly a Kashmiri or vice verse.These are the questions which need to be answered not for me but for all of us-as to why are we suffering???

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