Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How to live life to the fullest?

How to live life to the fullest?
Do not take anything for granted and keep the child in you alive
Summary: Someone once said, "There is no bigger sin than a life not lived. A life not lived is by all means an oxymoron. Life has to be lived. Every human being, from the moment she or he is born, gets options to enjoy life at the fullest. So read simple tips on how to live a life full of happiness and joy. You don't have to be rich to do that.
As human beings we have more options than all other species. Besides taking the basic decisions: food, shelter and coupling, we also have choices on how we are going to live and where we are going to live, and even more importantly, how exciting our lives are going to be.

Plants cannot even move, animals only seek survival and advance primates also look for more complex relationships. Human beings have choices in most aspects of their lives. We have consciousness and our behavior can literally change the lives of many other beings around us.

Photo of a thinking man by Rodin at San Francisco MuseumWhat does it mean to live for a human being?

Does it mean we go to work, come back home, have dinner, and go to sleep? Or perhaps go to a restaurant and feel we are doing something different? A vacation once in a while? A promotion or a new job? Certainly these are some of the aspects of life and they are all important. And certainly to live our life ultimately means we are doing all those mundane activities with our best attitude and not as a way to pass life.

Salma Hayek, the famous Mexican actress, once said to Oprah something like this, “I was famous in Mexico, but I wanted to be a great actress. I decided to abandon my career in Mexico and come to Hollywood to risk everything, because my dream was to be a good actress. It was very hard in the beginning; I was rejected and almost insulted by some producers and directors. I was running out of money at the time. Some people in Mexico never understood why I took such a high risk I succeeded, but if I would have failed, it wouldn't have mattered, because I tried my best.”

What is failure and what is success is a relative term. Ultimately, probably it is the measurement of our true happiness.

If you do not fulfill your own role in the universe, one day you will regret it. Do not let routine and urgency steal your life. Perhaps an un-lived life is not an oxymoron. Let that un-lived life not be yours.
How to live life to the fullest?

* Never take anything for granted. Savor every bite of a meal, enjoy what you have, and live each day as if it is your first day of your life.
* Do not let the child inside you disappear or die. Keep your curiosity alive by being inquisitive and open-minded. No one ever regretted on their death bed what they did; they definitely regretted what they did not do.
* Change a little everyday. That way you will never get stuck. See what is happening around you, and rather than feeling threatened or getting suspicious, embrace change. Ask what change you need to make and do it little by little. Whether it means learning how to send text messages from your cell phone or living with gay neighbors, adapt yourself. You will never get old that way.

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