Friday, January 30, 2009

Teeth Whitening: At-Home Tray Whitening Is Safe And Effective

Everybody is born with a wonderful set of white teeth, which add to your beauty when they are exposed by your smile, while talking or eating. Depending upon our lifestyles, upon what we eat and how and with what we brush our teeth, changes occur and the teeth become dull, yellow, grey or even black (this is particularly when the person smokes a lot as nicotine tents to deposit itself on the back and sometimes even on the front of the teeth). There are indeed many ways by which teeth can be whitened.

There are home teeth whitening products that work very well if you can't afford to pay the costs related with a dentist. Teeth may stain because of intrinsic stains or due to independent factors. Intrinsic stains happen from inside the teeth and are not removable by merely brushing or flossing and even bleaching may be ineffective. External staining may be due to smoking cigarettes, cigars, or, drinking coffee as well as consuming particular spicy foods. You might be able to remove such stains through constant brushing or through professional cleaning.

Ever since the mirror was first invented, which gave man the opportunity to take a look at his eroding teeth, people have become obsessed with having whiter teeth. Over the period of the last century more and more dental products have begun to hit the market and it is always improving. There are many teeth whitening products out there on the market now yet some of them are completely useless.

Several Choices to Consider

‘Nite White and Day' is an example of a teeth whitening system that will improve your teeth by bleaching them to help lighten discolorations. Teeth whitening is an operation of bleaching that eliminates or lessens marks as well as expunges stains from the teeth's enamel and dentin. One may work a mild solution kept in a convention held appliance and, wear this over the teeth while sleeping or during the day. A polyethylene tray can be made to fit on a person's teeth where, bleaching agents are placed inside the tray after slipping it into place. The benefit of such trays is enormous. There are many teeth whitening gels on the market that contain some extremely strong bleaching agents that can work wonders for people who have discolorations in their teeth.

People also go for teeth whitening and bleaching system before they marry for the same reasons. The whitening of the teeth makes one more confident and happy about oneself. The beautiful set of teeth makes the smile dazzling in the real sense of the word. Hence, the attraction between the husband and wife will be enhanced too.

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