Saturday, April 4, 2009

10 tips to dress slimmer

Do you often ask your friends or boyfriend, "Am I looking fat?" Out of sheer courtesy or fear of bearing the brunt of your anger, they just reply politely, "No darling."

But you refuse to believe them. Not so pleasant thoughts about your body image keep niggling at the back of your mind.

Now, you don't have to ask anyone for an opinion. We give you some tips to create that perfect illusion of being slim-trim.

Boat necks

Don't shy away from boat necks and V-necks if you are well-endowed. These make your upper body appear slimmer.

Wear your hair right

Some of us have been adding on the pounds to our face. For a slimmer look, get a sexy haircut and flaunt your tresses. Tie up your hair in a high pony and let some strands loose on your face. This makes the face appear slimmer.

The pear-shaped figure

This is the classic Indian body shape and to balance out the weight, wear pants that aren't totally body hugging. Flared hems and boot cut styles also having a balancing effect.

The apple shaped body

Some of us have a belly bulge we'd like to hide and to do that make sure you don't wear pants with pleats or with any extra material around the waist such as elastic or draw-string waists.

Wear tops that don't just skim the top of your pants but cover at least a couple of inches. This hides your belly well and elongates your torso too.

Vertical stripes

It's a long known fact that as opposed to horizontal stripes, vertical ones have slimming and lengthening effect. But ensure the stripes are not bold or else it will have the opposite effect!

Low-waisted pants

Wear your pants so they sit low on your hips. This makes your hips and belly decrease in size and both the apple and the pear shaped body appear more slender.

Flat front pants and ones with side zippers are good too.

Clothes that fit

Some of us seem to have an illusion that if we wear clothes that aren't the perfect fit will make us look slimmer.

Clothes that are too tight make you look like you squeezed yourself into an outfit; clothes that are too loose are shapeless and make you appear bulkier.

Single colour

Black always makes anyone appear slimmer but don't avoid color altogether. Wear a single color on the top and bottom for a long lean look.

Get wrapped

Wrap-around tops and dresses are foolproof fashion saviours for a sexy hour-glass bode. Get a few empire-line blouses and pretty frocks to hide the flab and bring on the girly you.

A for accessories

Get those long waist-length (well almost) neckpieces and interesting pendants. Long chains give the illusion of a lean frame. And, high heels are a must; if you can't walk in high heels, even a one inch heel would do as long as you appear taller and slimmer.

Once you know which part of your body is the problem area, you can dress accordingly. Lastly, wear a smile as you put a stylish- foot forward!

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