Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why girls love shoes?

In the Top 10 list of un-comprehendible female behaviour, a woman's relentless, unsatiated love for shoes is a chartbuster!
Who says shoe fetish is a...umm...fetish? Shoes and more shoes are a necessity for the survival of a fashionista's closet. A woman's shoe fetish can have the men nodding their heads in their typical 'I give up on you' sort of way.

But that doesn't mean, you have to give up on that whim of buying another pair. We give you enough reasons to get that much coveted pair.

'Step into my shoes'

Tell that to your man the next time he says something like 'not again' when you've gone shoe shopping. After all, isn't the footwear the final make or break factor?

Studies show that most women think their shoes speak volumes about their personalities. So, it's only natural to put your best foot forward.

Shoe stopper

There are also tons of studies in which women have admitted to buying shoes that don't even fit them or like runaway brides, their passion for a particular pair fizzles out while it is still wrapped in its plastic.

Hot this season, are kitten heels in offbeat colours like peach and mauve. A pair of pencil heels with delicate straps will be a good buy too, apart from slip-ons that have come back with a bang!

Absolutely flat slip-ons are popular these days. Tie-ups have faded out, so we'd suggest you leave those out for a few months.

Miss goody two shoes

A pair of Pretty woman kinda boots is a must-have in your shoe rack. You never know when you might want to wear a short dress and look a little retro. Basic black spiky heels are as quintessential as the LBD and will never go out of vogue.

High heels in at least four different colours is every woman's birth right! Have a couple of pairs that are absolutely crazy and might not even match any outfit from your wardrobe. These are for those I, me, myself days. Wedges keep coming and going so a pair or two in classic creams or browns won't hurt either.

So, now you know why all of we women have shoes, shoes and more shoes on our shopping list!

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