Saturday, January 1, 2011

Her only wish

Once there was a girl with a heart so pure. She brought light to the people on her shore.As bright as day she still had doubt tangled inside her never to come out.On her final plead she was given an angel to help deminish her evil.He gave her his light for that very cold night.Together they became one, a light so bright, shining through the night strong and tight.

Though the world around her started to change. People would challenge his and her fate.She stalled for a moment to think so quick. When another lady stole him and ditched.Back in the dark silence of her night she realized why she had no more light.

In the distance she saw it gleam holding another gently. Growing weaker, heart slowly dieing that distance light suddenly revived her.Realized why she was given this chance. Not to take his love away but to love him in another way.

She learned her strength her light came from him, to see him happy was her only wish.

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