Friday, November 19, 2010

On the way to the sorrow

On the Way submit the Sorrow,
I Found Many Options to Check tomorrow
Fake Some Were,Some Were genuine,
Some Were Really Hard to Handle

I Changed my Mind & Changed the Way
Submit The Sorrow
Welcome the path and think the Way as Entirely different
I Made a Choice, Checked myself,
Had a Spirit Overcome the pain

Slowly it Works down,
I Was Tired & Thursty
Spirit Was Something you submit outstandingly
Taught ME a Lifetime lesson,to Achieve Something my Way
Be Myself Without Any interference from even the inner ME

NOW When I Look back Those days
I Can show Myself That I had been so True
Feel SO Proud To Vent Away Those days
The Way of the Sorrow

All I can say that the path of sorrow goes on.You encounter so many people that are always ready to breakdown your spirit when you try to handle yourself.So think about yourself,your happiness.Give yourself and your priorities a higher grade.Its the the way of your outlook that Changes you and your life.Strive for a better and happy life .

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