Sunday, November 7, 2010


Tired with this life i am
Never did i taste such a thing
My thoughts are just soo jammed
Like the council of a king....

I dont know what should i do
When i am hanging around in a crossroad
Where kind-hearted and honest so few
And heart burdened with a huge load....

A load of living such a life
Where there no end is
For sorrows and grief
And lips heavy with the devil's kiss....

Weary I am with this life
Arms raising out to embrace death
I cannot live in this strife
When my life is full of wrath....

Troubles are not gonna end I know
In ones life ups and downs are for sure
Bliss may fall in its height low
For this there is no remedy or cure....

But i in search of bliss wonder around
My case is horrendous than everyone else
Troubles and strifes are unending found
And in my life all ups are just false....

Downs never get too long
Nor do they take much time to go
But I am lost in this throng
Of troubles who no sign of leaving show....

Lost i am soo much in this burden
That impossible it is to come out
From this burden that on me is laden
Only my end can pull me out....

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