Monday, November 8, 2010

Thankyou to those who left me.You showed me that nothing lasts forever

Love is when you can't be apart from someone for too long.You're always thinking of them, and when you're with them you never want to say goodbye. Love is far from simple.It's quite complex.It's a mix of about everything.

It's sadness, joy, passion, hatred, excitement.It's almost every feeling you can imagine.You know love when you find it, it's that person that when they smile it brightens up your day.You can't stop staring at them for fear of losing them.They're always on your mind.You daydream of being with them, even if they're less than 20 feet away and you can't stand it when they're not with you.

The worst feeling you could ever feel is when you know that person you love is not with you.You can't tell when love will happen, you just know when it does, that moment when you first lay eyes on that person, and you never want to look away-that is love.Nothing less than a perfect feeling.

I don’t know where you are, or what you're doing right now. No matter if you hate me now, or love me still I always will. I'll always remember you as the wide eyed boy who I fell in love with, not the tired eyed boy who I grew to despise. But I heard this saying right here "You don’t just stop loving someone, you either never did or you always will."

I trusted you because you were the closest thing to myself I have ever found in another person.I let you know so much about me for you only to run away again and prove me wrong.This has changed you so much.And its like you are falling from the crease of my heart scratching it deap as you struggle not to let go.But we both know that its a sure thing.We cant stop it.

So I guess I still love you.Even if I move on, or you move on, it doesn’t mean I don’t still love you. It just means I loved you enough to let you be happy. I want what’s best for you. So hear me out. I love you, I always will.Trying to forget about someone you loved, is like trying to forget what the back of your hand looks like,whatever you do there is always something to remind you of that thing your trying to forget.But it’s time for me to move on.

I love you...Forever.

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