Thursday, July 24, 2008

Abhijeet insults Atif Aslam on talent show

How people reacted to his comments;

Ayza wrote at 1:10pm on July 7th, 2008
hes an asshole..!!
Izhar wrote at 1:26pm on July 7th, 2008
I am shocked to see what rubbish he was talking, well, abhijeet is a great singer but it is clearly seen that he cant take that a young pakistani singer is more popular than him...If abhijeet wants to know how popular Atif is, he should organise the concert same date as Atif's concert he can find the answer by seeing how many people will turn up for his concert....Aitf rocks, everyone knows it..so you just made yourself look like an idiot in front of millions people Mr, Abhijeet.
Suffia wrote at 5:09pm on July 7th, 2008

I had heard dat Abhijeet had made certain comments about Atif as a singer, and I thot dat every1 is entitled 2 an opinion. but after listening to this i am totally shocked. he has not just expressed an opinion he has shown disrespect towards him. Instaed of encouragement he has discouraged these upcoming singers, the shock on their faces is clear. Abhijeet u maybe a great singer but u r a disgrace to human kind.
And 4 Atif all i can say is u have proven urself as a singer, gotta say ur amazing. Keep it up
Mariam wrote at 11:21pm on July 7th, 2008
the song sang by atif has already made a place in the hearst of millions of ppl and the sale has shown the record also ,i m shocked to listen the disgraceful comments by mr abhijeet which very clearly has shown discriminating ,bias n jealous opinion towards a pakistani singer, i dont understand y he was made a judge, who doesn't know the ethics of highly respected seat.
Mariam wrote at 11:25pm on July 7th, 2008
Mr abhijeet did not remember tht he has started his career by copying the legend singer mr kishor kumar and be reminded tht he doesn't have his own identity.
Mariam wrote at 11:30pm on July 7th, 2008
he is jealous of all pakistani singer's atif aslam , adnan sami and strings
wild wrote at 5:03am on July 8th, 2008
ok so atif wasnt great in this vid has to be admitted but encouragement is needed comments still harsh by Abhijeet really mean and uncalled for and dont slay me its my opinion im entitled for it Atif still rocks
Joy wrote at 4:00pm on July 8th, 2008
avijit is jelous becoz he doesnt get chance now a days becoz of young singers like atif.he did a bad comment about bangladeshi singer james as well.and he doesnt know how to respect people.an artist should respect another artist
Sayed wrote at 10:57pm on July 8th, 2008
no coments...........................i just wana say that he is jelous from atif and at that day he showed his feelings abt him.
Shazia wrote at 7:47am on July 9th, 2008
all i can say that people like abhijeet who has taken a lot of time 2 make a name 4 himself & has gotten old now,is feeling extremely jelous,that how a pakistani singerlike ATIF ASLAM at such a young age could be so talented.well for u abhijeet sweeti,i guess u have 2 accept the fact that the whole world is crazy about him than u.and 4 his popularity & good voice he was ask 2 sing.WHAT ABOUT U?
zohra wrote at 2:28pm on July 9th, 2008
well after watching this i would love to use bladdy language for bladdy bullshit abhijeet i dont kno who he is i mean i havent meet him but after this crap i can emagine that wat he is n as i always says that most of the complex pepl like abhijeet start getting jealous wid our hot n khool male singers coz they didnt get that much fame in a short period like ATIF ASLAM n no one can get it coz atif aslam got soo many blessings from his fanx family n specially from his mome
Bhargav wrote at 8:48am on July 10th, 2008
lmaoooo stupiddd GUYYYYY
whooo tehh heckk is hee to talkkkk abtt Atif Aslam
Gnani wrote at 10:24am on July 10th, 2008
yoo abhijeet is nt feeling okaii..!!
atif aslamm singss waiii betta than himm !!
Ali wrote at 11:37am on July 10th, 2008
abhijeet fuck u motherfucker .atif great we love u.his full off shitttttttt.right racist basted..atif we proud off u.we had top singer like u.love u bro
Unnati wrote at 1:44pm on July 10th, 2008
ewww i can't beleinve he said that
i really liked abbhijeet before but then in this other show he did the same thing with this other real good singer and i started hating him ever since
and now he's takin bad bout atif
ok atif's way better than him anyday don't know why he's takin
he's just the judge there, cause they couldn't get any other better person
or they wouldn't even have asked him
i dunno why he's braging about being a 100% judge is that why no one askes him to sing in movies anymore and only shan and atif and other ppl sing
don't know why he's takin
he's jelous cause he's history and atif is the present
we love you atif
Mehreen wrote at 4:25pm on July 10th, 2008
man....i wish I would have been there...I WOULD HAVE KICKED HIS ASS BACK TO STONE AGE!!!! because this is where he belongs...BALD HEADED JERK! i went to atifs concert recently..man he sings damn good...get this guy next to atif and tell him to sing...i bet, ppl will through eggs & tomatoes & shiitt......
Anil wrote at 8:39pm on July 10th, 2008
Atif Rocks!!!!!!!! Abhijeet u sucksssssss
Azra wrote at 4:18am on July 11th, 2008
he's a jerk and an asshole! i would have kicked his ass too. Atif ROCKS! not in a 100 years would abhijeet EVER be able to sing the way atif sings his end choruses. n the concert thing is absolutely right... atif's would be WAYYYY more successful than this loser's... gosh, he really can't just bear the fact tht ppl love atif more than him...
Zeeshan wrote at 7:12am on July 11th, 2008
I am not a big fan of atif but I like his music. I have seen this episode and Mr. Ghanja Patel (Abhijeet) is one racist bastard. He has problem with not only Atif but many other Pakistani singers such as Adnan Sami. I have stopped wathching this particular show because of this incident. I would encourage everyone to email the show and show ur level of offense taken from his disrespectful act and comments towards other pakistani singers.
Afsheen wrote at 9:10am on July 11th, 2008
i will kill Abhijeet .... Atif Rock
Werdah wrote at 4:13pm on July 11th, 2008
who da hell iz abhijeet to say all dis........atif has his own identity.......and da songs sung by him never soothes our ears....when sung by others...n its a fact......atif rocksssss.....n he'll keep rockin..!!!!......abhijeet is a swine.....he has no right to say all dis......hes jealous of wat atif has become...bcoz he gained popularity in india due to his songs....and one more thing that atif has got da talent to amuse the listeners.....andabhijeet sed all that rubbish....bcoz i blv...dat.....NO ONE KICKS DA DEAD DOG........
Fakaiha wrote at 6:55pm on July 11th, 2008
xctly...who da hell iz abhijeet 2 say all tht.....all songs sung by Atif r original...n ssecond of all wen he said tht he copied "the pehli nazr song"...tht stupid idiot...PRITAM...gave him d lyrics...2 sing so its nt atif who got d song....3rd thing....abhijeet iz jst jealous of wht atif haz becumm...hez jst jealous of atif's hottness...n hiz great VOICE!!!!
we luv u ATIF!!!!
Majid wrote at 12:30am on July 12th, 2008
hey guys pplz talk in dis world coz dey aint gt beta things 2 do. ppplz wont let u live in dis world bt listen it from 1 n out from oda. every1 nos da truth n no1z blind or deaf. bt der r sum ppl jealousd lyk abhijeet lolz.... Atif bahi gt voice, talent, fame and love from pppl lyk us. if abhijeet was 100 % qualified artist dat was his own insult coz he aint gt an idea wat da songs r n wat ppl want to hear. hez mast on his own in urdu simply malang lolzz. dat all for Atif n keep da dik up der ass lyk dat kewl man......
Muhammad wrote at 1:06am on July 12th, 2008
Atif Aslam Roxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx........
Mahroz wrote at 2:18am on July 12th, 2008
btw who is abijeet?
havnt heard a single song of him...lol
fucking cunt !
Zehra wrote at 3:17am on July 12th, 2008
i dont understand wat this aneek was singing...and y abhijeet said he could sing better than atif...abhijeet must accept the fact dat no body can and nobody will be able 2 sing as gracefully as atif...and abhijeet is saying this only because he has no work now and atif is singing more songs than him....and secondly he is 4m pakistan...so thats the main reason 4 this hatred and jealousy...pehli nazar is such a sweet song because atif has sung it so beautifully and sweetly...it makes u fall in love...his voice touches everybody's heart....
Sara wrote at 4:30am on July 12th, 2008
firstly, its obvious that abhijeet is jealous that aneek singing a pakistani song.
secondly, falay, if u r reading this, pritam couldnt possibly have given atif the lyrics since he copied the MUSIC and the lyrics are by some sameer guy..basically the lyrics arent the problem at all..the music is. Pritam also copied the music for Jab We Met song 'Yeh ishq hai' from some french song..
In conclusion, pritam has run out of ideas and abhijeet cannot accept the fact that indians like to listen to pakistani singers.
Sara wrote at 4:35am on July 12th, 2008
the french song mentioned above is not a french song at all..my mistake..
it is 'in your mind' by Angunn
Karma wrote at 6:05am on July 12th, 2008
this is actually a Korean song and even the video is similar .. nevertheless atif did a fantastic job singing that song .... that fucking old ugly abhijeet is just insecure .. if i meet him i am going to sock his bloody face .. asshole
Haris wrote at 9:23am on July 12th, 2008
abhijeet ki maaki chot salay randi ki nassal is ki maa ko chodo bharwa randi teri maa ki chot ma 2 sheed
Assad wrote at 9:52am on July 12th, 2008
hahaha fuck that indian
little dick piece of shit
Anzak wrote at 3:01pm on July 12th, 2008
hiz obviously jelous of atif hiz a bloody idiot stupid ugly old man whoz NOT populor he can jst FUCK OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!
Anzak wrote at 3:02pm on July 12th, 2008
fuckin FUCK OFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Abbas wrote at 9:04pm on July 12th, 2008
Sala Maa ka lora, lol.
It's because Pakistanis are better looking.
Binish wrote at 10:24am on July 13th, 2008
this is very upseting for abhijeet, he thinks he's getting all the attention by insulting atif but he dont understand that he's making bad impresion on his few fans... i feel bad for abhijeet that he had to get his attention in this manner.
Shanze wrote at 8:56pm on July 13th, 2008
i hate him
Himali wrote at 11:25pm on July 13th, 2008
hw dare dey????!!!!hw CAN dey say such a horrible thing bout ATIF ASLAM??!!dey r jst jelous bout ATIF'S POPULARITY!!Bt stil dey shudnt hav sed wat dey did!Atif got such a romantic voice!his meri kahani,rabba sacheya,kyon chhor gaye,n my fav PEHLI NAZAR MEIN...all all his songs r close2 my heart!!hearin such a thing bout ATIF has hrt my heart...:(dats y i HATE DOZ2 singers!ATIF ASLAM U ROCK!!!:)KEEP IT UP!!!N YEAH IL ALWAYS B YOUR FAN!!:)NO MATR WAT!SO NEVA GET DISCOURAGED!EVN U KNO DAT U R D BEST!:)
Ozair wrote at 8:14am on July 14th, 2008
yes all true but Atif does sing very monotone...he does have a powerfull voice but so did ali azmat...and he was any thing but monotone...and common guys....not every one will like every one....i dont like atif's singing at all..i love udit narayan...and kishore...some people may hate them...

Ozair wrote at 8:15am on July 14th, 2008
Nick wrote at 7:02pm on July 14th, 2008
Rediculous comments. He should think before he say something like that on the camera. The Above comments by other people prove that he is wrong and dumb. Yo Abhijeet you just give us the proof of your stupidity
Freakin loser
Himali wrote at 10:22pm on July 14th, 2008
evrytym i hear ATIF'S voice i fall in luv wid him n his voice!!i dunno wats dat special magic in his voice wich neva makes feel bad but it only makes me feel proud dat im a fan of such a gr8 singer!!:)u rock ATIF!!!N i totaly luv u!!!mhuaahh!!:)keep singin till etrniy n let your voice fill d hearts of all doz hu wish2 listen2 u n your feelings u share wid yor fans thru your wndrful songs!!:)keep up d gr8 job!:)il always b your fan!:)
Ali wrote at 11:15pm on July 14th, 2008
I think that all of them are right and there is no special thing about Atif's voice or singing ...... for example just listen to "Hum kis gali jaa rahay hain ..." complete bull shit ..... the voice is painful to human ears in the high notes .... and he is not a singer for all songs .... a few are famous and that is also by chance ............. so he is not anyone who can be comapred with Lata, Kishore, Asha, Rafi etc.... these people are legends and Atif a Faslee Batair .... aaj hai kal nahin ho gaaaa .... samjhay ..... :)
Sibtain wrote at 10:46pm on July 16th, 2008
first of all who gave him the right to comment on other singers?? few time back he waz standing on a stage making crying faces to clear out the competition looking for sympath from judges ...

asshole.. sonu nigam never commented on atif aslam... coz he knwz that atif aint a real singer but he sings from his heart n sings better then sum great singers..
Rabiya wrote at 9:17pm on July 17th, 2008
JERK. he's a judge of the competition..why is he commenting and giving zero marks to the singer of the original track?? purely biased..he hates pakistanis..he's VERY insecure..wat a loser.well who gives a crap about him and wat he says!..even if atif isnt a "Trained" professional singer lik him,he still wins people's hearts and souls and takes the crowd everytime he sings..and i've read some people commenting(on utube) on how atif's famous because of his looks well for their kind information,a lot of people first heard the song on the radio and the internet and didn't see the videos to judge him by his looks,like myself..i haven't heard one singer who sounds exactly like atif,even though mithoon and k.k are trying day by day sound more lik him !.. taht's the best thing about atif aslam,his original voice ! which sorry to say abhijeet does not have,sonu and shan could replace him just as well!..so long guys and biased artists like abhijeet should just go back to living in their shell-
Rabiya wrote at 9:22pm on July 17th, 2008
to ali rehman: not every singer's every single is a hit..atif has the potential to make it big in bollywood and he got a headstart in the pakistani pop industry ! he has a huge fanbase and millions of people who love him who also btw dO NOT compare him to lata or rafi because he's not that type of a singer..he's a pop-rock singer who started out in jal ..he's now trying his style of voice in playback singing in bollywood adding a variety to the hindi music..
Kashif wrote at 3:47am on July 18th, 2008
First of all I'll be honest I dont even know a single song sung by abhiheet. Thats how much I know him.. but I dont feel bad 'coz if he was as popular as Atif, he wont have free time on his hands to b a judje in a local show.. He would be organizing international tours like Atif... I dont dig artists but I do listen to muic here and there.. A famous artist's songs make their way to your ears without you looking for them.. Problem here was not only a low self esteem but also the popularity level of Atif not only in Pakistan but also in India and the rest of the world.. Abhijheet, my advice to you would be to keep your last job a little more secure or you would have no way to make any money... ;) what do u guys think ?
Sadaf wrote at 8:49pm on July 18th, 2008
Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, but what Abhijeet did was be plain RUDE. The judging is for contestants singing in the competition and not for the original singer.

Besides, prior to singing, the judges are AWARE of the songs the contestants will sing. If Abhijeet hated this song so much why didn't he object earlier? Why be such a drama-queen on live stage just to demonstrate a point, which is baseless to begin with?

This evidently seems like a case of pure discrimination and bias done on the part of Abhijeet. This is sad, considering that Abhijeet is a senior and should certainly act like one; insecurity doesn't seem to have an age and neither does stupidity in this case.
Fatima wrote at 9:38am on July 19th, 2008
who the fucking hell is he to give marks to atif neways... infact he has scope to take singing lessons from him instead... bald headed dickface kahin ka

baba wrote at 12:29pm on July 19th, 2008
hey tel him that he's not a musician o a singer he s a pig! he s n evil

FINALLY ,I coment
we love you atif no matter what the hell people say about you...You are simply the best.................

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sach mei is abijeet ko zinda dafnana chayai fizol insan......