Tuesday, July 8, 2008

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Life Is Not A Race To Be Won, But A Journey To Be Enjoyed

Life is enjoyed only when it is lived in balance. God placed you here on earth to enjoy His creation, not to live a stressed out and burdened life. Productivity on the job is not to motivate you to work more, but to work smarter and be more productive. That way, you get more done in less time and feel good about using other time to spend with family and friends.

Key Ingredients:

Every area of life must have the correct ingredients to truly be enjoyed. Your family, career, education, and spiritual life all must be in balance. Life is like the spinning of a top. As long as the top spins straight, it is free from accident. When the top is out of balance, there is a quick spin out.

You must take an account of what transpires in your life to be certain you are balanced. This doesn't mean everything gets the same amount of time. Everything must receive the right amount of time. Life does not allow for imbalance. You must make a commitment to maintain all areas of life. Proverbs tells us, "God is against an imbalanced life."


Remind yourself continually what is really important. The reason you work is so that you can enjoy relationships and life itself. Work gives you the resources to do what you enjoy. Don't lose sight of the purpose of work. Relationships are everything. Fully 85% of all personal success is directly linked to those with whom you are associated.

The keys to productivity are simple - assess what is considered a successful outcome, take action immediately, and focus until completion. The keys to success in life are also simple. Value God, yourself, people, and then work. Set those important to you as the most important use of your time.

Take Action:

• What areas of life have you neglected?

• What immediate action can you take to ensure you bring balance to your life?

• On a scale of 1 - 10 what would you rate the fulfillment you gain from your family, your work, your faith and your close relationships?

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