Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kashmir boils....after 1989

This refers to the condition our state has landed into. I can’t imagine a total bandh for five days at a stretch. The streets buzzing with, "Hum kya chatai Azadi" ,"Kashmir humara hai"...We want FREEDOM...n all the genuine anger of kashmiris. This has been for the first time since my 16 years of experience; a mass movement has taken place involving a kid, women apart from men. We all hereby appeal the government to decide against the land transfer else we kashmiris won’t spare them. It’s hilarious to see that the govt deciding a transfer of 800 kanals land not a joke, to SASB when they themselves are against deforestation. It was the the govt only who used to advice people to grow trees, avoid deforestation, wood smugglings and all that. Just a month before the whole newspaper carried the issue and now how can they do this? How can they violate the law?
When we are hindered to own a piece of land in some other state then how dare they are trying to sell our homeland to the unknowns. I request the jammu people to think over it and then react. We are not against yatri but just fighting for our right, our land and our own jannat. The anger is on rise and its better to solve it as soon as possible before its too late .The ministers should have a bit of sense what their shit decision is going to fetch them but Alas!!! Who cares?
We want govt to take the decision before it’s too late, “Jahan ek ki jaan gayi vahan hazar hi sahi”, par hum pechai nai hatai gai. That is the spirit kashmiris are marching with-city to city, street to street. We are one wherever we are.So save kashmir let us unite for the purpose.Kashmir humara hai humara hai.


Shoaib said...

I do agree with you Eva as well as the Kasmiris who are on the streets fighting for the repression and tragedy the population of J&K has been subjected to at the hands of the Indian government and security forces over the past two decades and not only the recent land allocation.

Shoaib said...

The decision of the Congress-led Jammu & Kashmir government of Ghulam Nabi Azad to assign approximately 100 acres of degraded forest land to the SASB for construction of facilities at base camps leading up to the Amarnath shrine for pilgrims has been widely condemned by the masses of kashmir

The move is a mischievous attempt to alter the demographic character of the Muslim-majority State; a “conspiracy to settle non-local Hindus in the valley with a view to reducing the Muslims to a minority“

Giving away forest land, despite the objections of forest authorities, is illegal and will adversely impact the ecology of the adjacent Thwajas wildlife sanctuary.

Shoaib said...

I would like like to correct this statement made by you:
"What would be the value of state subjects? When we can’t own a piece of land in some other state then how dare they are trying to sell our homeland to the unknowns"
I completely disagree with this that we cant own a piece of land in other states.We can do it without any hindrance but there are restrictions for people from outside kashmir to own a land according to section.
This law concerning 'state subjects' was enforced in J&K on April 20, 1927, when Kashmir's then ruler, Maharaja Hari Singh, first promulgated it to prevent rich foreigners from purchasing land, and to protect the interests of the peasantry. The law was later adopted by the state's democratically elected government. The law continued till 1957, when the new constitution of J&K was introduced and 'state subject' was changed to 'permanent resident'. Permanent Resident Status (PRS) was accorded to those who had been living in the state for at least 10 years before 14 May 1954. This PRS was permanent and non-discriminatory

saher said...

well said....KASHMIR HAMARA HAI...."is jannat ko dozakh bannay say bachayiyay"

sabby said...

very true.....y shud v let the dogs rule us.....y shud v let our homeland go to the unknowns y d hell shud dey rule....yepiiii we won