Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Tribute

"This message is meant for all those who left their near and dear ones.With rising custodial killing and disappearance on peak in our state no one knows the fate of their beloved."

I felt a strong chill round my spine while walking across the snowclad road of my village,late in the night.I recognized the silhouette of my friend.I ran towards him and called out-"Muslim,Muslim!"
" Dear",touching his worn out Phiren,I said-
"Where were you for so long??
There are caring people,to whom you belong,
How your mum cried for you!
Come back,come home-dear."

He raised his sullen eyes.His face was so pale and white.I wondered what had happened.
"Where have your cheeks lost that rosy tinge?
Don't look so straight,Oh! just blink!
Who has torn your Phiren and set woods to fire?
Who has stolen your princely attire?"

He looked blankly,lifted his hand and touched mine.It was hot as a burning oven.He whispered-
" I once spoke the truth,
I once fought for truth,
I once died for truth."
" But now I can't let my mother to do the same,
Let her wait for me and let the tears be shed,
Let her cook for me and warm up my bed,
" But please don't tell her that I am dead!"

I hardened my grip and said-
"Don't deny me of my goal,
you mean you are just a soul,
I can feel your burning heat,
I can smell your breath and touch your feet."

"Are you not the same on whose roar the earth shook?
Are you not the one who used to sit across the brook?
Didn't you like the shade of Chinar and heat of the Sun?
Do you know dear, you are just twenty and one."
He turned his back towards me and said-
"Just believe it for all,
My life is over and death has taken its toll,
My mum still washes my clothes and polishes my shoe,
I died for someone who loved me too."

"I am dead and now I am still,
But my soul wanders across the hill,
Shall I wander like this I don't know,
But I have died for the place where the clouds-SNOW."

I woke up but Alas! was it really a dream?
What if i had been true???

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