Sunday, June 8, 2008


Every child is born intelligent,confident and offcourse with an aim.But as he enters his teenage he starts adding a lot of negative aspects to his character.Can you believe the students declaring,'We are aimless,We don't know what are we going to do.'

A well known Kashmiri saying goes like this,'Ghar vandhai ghar sasa bhar narihai na zah.'
A proverb with a deeper meaning.Par aaj ki generation kare bi tu kya? With a limited career option in our state he is left with no other option but to leave his own home,own state to become worth living(acquire higher studies).

Time consuming careers have become the be all and end all of life for youngsters today.As a result,we neglect our families.

Until some years ago,careers were just an aspect of life.Careers were for making life comfortable but life was not for sake of careers.Home and family were the careers for girls,while boys entered the family business as soon as schooling was over.Other options were there but few of them liked desk jobs or teaching.But in all these,distinct demarcation was there between family or domestic life and working life or careers.
Degree in either Arts,Science,Commerce were the rule rather than the exceptions and there was not much choice of competition in the job market.A job was the aim rather than a particular one.
Diversification and higher specialization in disciplines and the educational field in modern times perhaps mark the undue stress of careers and career advancement.Certain subjects and branches are more lucrative and more in demand than others.
Even after attaining the heights one aimed at,one is called upon to upgrade one's knowledge and skills if one is to survive in the rat race.The field of computer is one such area ,which keeps those in he field on tenter hooks and always on the alert , if one is not to become obsolete.

But the question is why not in Jammu and Kashmir?
Why is the govt neglecting its duties towards the kashmiri youth?
Why does the youth prefer abroad rather their own state for higher studies?

No doubt exposure to outside world makes us more brilliant,more efficient but we need to develop our state in terms of every field.We need to wake the govt and help our younger lots.

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