Sunday, June 8, 2008


We all are very much stressed with our routine work that we forget to even chill n yea chill how?do u think there is something that can keep us cool?
In the saga of painful events that every human being has to encounter;laughter is the panacea that gives a healing touch to ones agonies.It prepares both soul and body to accept the challenges and to struggle with a greater punch.A doze of hoohahee!!
And all the over zealous harpings about hardships get a respite.Laughter catalyzed by humour can prove to be an instrument to bring solace to a weary mind.
Humour thus holds the key to laughter and lies in crazy gestures,absurd postures and pimerical tomfoolery of a laughter seller.The cock and bull story or share little tattle about unfound events sets stage for uncontrollable giggles.Humorist just for the sake of humour can make a monkey out of man,Mickey out of mouse and Donald out of duck.His wits and persiflage coupled with pun and mind pluck paroxysms of laughter from audience.Jester,trickster or mushkar when exaggerates the social & political flaws serves the biblical purpose of musing.He spouts sarcasm on the evil deeds that entrench our lives and smirks at our follies in such a way that we are made to laugh at ourselves.Humour in the form of caricature and cartoons depicts the events and personalities with all their dents.Caricature of glitteratti in one look makes us chukle.Cartoons in newspapers add humorous taste to the daily events,cartoonist just by stroking a few lines makes our mood joyous and at times laments hot issue.
Humour,as an essential ingredient of social gatherings,groups us together in a friendly knot.Cracking jokes and exchanging laughter makes friend among us.In festivals humour colors atmosphere with grin and smile and wipes those ugly lines of frown from our faces.It lightens the retrenched and resuscitates the broken knots.
The events like 'April fool' playing pranks and making idiot of others has become a universally accepted affair.No matter what of what repute or status a person is, a prankster can always make fool of him.With his tricks he monkeys us to believe him while we are made fools.The magic of humour lies in the fact that although we are made the target but we enjoy it without going nuts about it.
Characters like TOM,DICK&HARRY hound their caretakers with all their tricks.A naughty person can play father on his elders.He thus proves to be an amusing character and everybody is scared of his freakish pranks.He goads away whatever he needs and you are to oblige foolishly.Tom can fool his friends to paint the wall and make them pay for the same.Dick can bunk the school and go scot-free and Harry can trick to his homework and get sympathy for the same.Are all these characters reflected in our society?
Don't we subconsciously applaud them for their junktery?
Actually everybody has got a sense of humour.But the question is who subsides it & who gives vent to it.
Cutting across the boundaries of language,culture and ethics humour has proved universal in appeal.The popularity of Charlie chaplin and Lucilieball throughout the world can be easily judged from their comic genre.Disney's animation films are popular among the population.Mickey,Minney,Tom&Jerry etc are some of the entertainers.
Sociologists believe that laughter is identical to humour only.It is the best medicine that re instals vigour and vitality in us.Laughter lifts the languishing soul from slush of sorrow and sets a tempo for hilarious temperament.It refurnishes mood with a tilt that sounds in its giggles.The pangs of sufferings and all the chores of challenges that beset life from cradle to grave are tolrerated only with laughter as outdate.
So wipe that frownn off your face and wear the friendly smile and leave all your worries to luck.Set your mood and grin a while.See the magic of hoho hee work

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