Sunday, June 8, 2008

HEY Wake up

Wen i was born too innocent,too shy was i
never did i realize
wat was i heading towards and now i realised-im ruined!!!
HOw precious are you to yourself?
Would you like to play pranks with yourself?
Do u believe in yurself?
Do u have faith in yourself?And do you belive allah exists?
Think think think and let u answer yourself?
I am concerned to little and to the point.Take this as my appeal to all the younger lots,sweet teens who are lost in their own world.least wooried what their masti is going to fetch them.Let me tell you its going to dump you in smc dustbin meant for rotten stuff.
Have you ever realised what your parents thought about you when they took you in their arms as babies,that sweet and warm hug hug with a loving kiss meant a lot -lots of hope,expectations with it,prayers blessings and something in their return they expected-respect,honour and fulfillment of their dreams.
But are we giving them what they expected from us?We have jus forgotten them,rather they are taken for granted.koi parva nahi.they work so hard 24*7 only for us so that no trouble can ever think of shattering our lives.But have we ever realised what trouble they are facing in providing us the best.We are so busy but not even a second in padhai.Going for tutions only to bunk.Also lots of things to keep you busy these days-chatting with your dream hunk/gal who would not exist in future.Hey guys your infatuation is turning into lust,ruining your character,your future and most of all your ma-pa`s dreams are shattered.I treasure them a lot and inshallah wont ever degrade their name and expect the same from others.ameen

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