Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Is he ready to walk down the aisle?

So you are in a relationship, you are happy and would like to make it official. You would like to settle down with him, but hey is he thinking on the same lines? Here’s how you can find out
Is he ready to walk down the aisle?
  • He loves you. Quite obvious aint it? I mean only if one is in love one would think of getting hitched. A small point to be noted here is that, many a time you might think he is in love, but it need not be so. What he feels might actually be something else. Does he spend time with you when you are in bed with a runny nose, hoarse cough and in a maniacal mood? If the answer is yes, then yes your man loves you and he isn’t there just for a good time! If he can spend time with you and pamper you when you are sick, he’s surely the long haul guy!
  • His pals are hitched. Research says that if a guy moves around with married guys, he is more likely to take the plunge himself, steer away from a guy whose friends are the partying-till-sunrise kinds!
  • Roti, kapda aur makaan. Nope, not suggesting a dvd rental. Just putting forth another clear as wedding bells’ chime sign. Does he own a house? Is his job secure? Does he own a car? Research shows that once a guy acquires these basics, his next move is towards the altar. Grab him!
  • Is he available for you? This isn’t as simple as it sounds. Does the guy you have set your sights on have time for you? He might be a very busy man, but if he doesn’t have the time to return your calls, reply to your mushy mails, wish you goodnight, you might be barking the wrong tree! A guy who is serious about you, will find the time, no matter what to be there for you, matter over!
  • Is he patient about sex? If the guy you are planning to marry wants to get to know you better before getting intimate, then he’s more likely to commit. We are not saying this, research is!
  • Is it ‘we’ or ‘me’? Pay attention. When he talks about his future plans does he say ‘we’ more than ‘I’? You can rest assure you are very much part of his future plans. The ‘I’ ‘me’ ‘myself’ kinds are not marriage material.
  • Your family and friends aren’t strangers to him. Only if a guy is committed to the relationship, will he make the effort of getting to know your family and friends. If marriage isn’t on his mind, he will not care about knowing you better through your people.
  • You will meet his folks. A guy who hides his friends and family from you surely doesn’t have marriage on his mind. On the other hand if you are meeting up with his friends regularly, or making a weekend trip to meet his parents, you are the girl for him for the rest of his life!
  • He loves kids. Now this need not be true for all men. But yes, if your love is crazy about kids and loves your nieces and nephews, he might be sending out a I-am-ready-for-our-own sign!
  • He likes to spend time with you. If he says he loves spending time with you. If you two end up spending up more time with each other instead of partying. If he says he loves being with you. These are signs that he is ready for commitment. On the other hand, guys who talk about having their own space are still miles away from the wedding scene!

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