Monday, September 15, 2008

Seekh Kabab Recipe

• 500 gm Lamb (minced)
• 1 tsp Brown Color
• ¾ tsp Garam Masala
• 1 tsp Garlic Paste
• 1 tbsp Raw Papaya Paste
• 1 tsp Ginger Paste
• 2 tbsp Cashewnut Paste
• 2 tsp Thick Cream
• 2 Onions (chopped)
• 2 tsp Carom Seeds
• 2 tsp Dried Mango Powder
• 2 tbsp Rock Salt
• 3 tbsp Cumin Seed
• 1 tbsp Dry Ginger
• 1 tsp Black Pepper
• 1/2 tsp Nutmeg Powder
• 10 Lemon Wedges
• 1 tsp Chat Masala
• Oil for frying
How to make Seekh Kabab:
• Wash lamb and put it in a strainer. Gently press to squeeze out all the water.
• Add all the ingredients, except chat masala, oil and lemon wedges, to the lamb and mix well.
• Keep it aside for about an hour.
• After the due time, make medium-sized balls out of lamb mixture.
• Heat a gas oven or an electric oven along with skewers.
• Hold a hot skewer carefully in the other hand and spear the balls one by one on the hot skewer.
• Keep gap between the balls, while spearing them on the skewer.
• Likewise, spear all the remaining balls on all the other skewers.
• Place the skewers in the oven. Keep rotating the skewers, occasionally.
• When cooked, gently remove the kababs from the skewers with the help of a napkin.
• Heat the oil in a non-stick pan to shallow fry the kebabs.
• Sprinkle some chat masala on the kebabs.
• Seekh kabab is ready to eat. Serve it with lemon wedges.

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