Sunday, December 5, 2010

AIDS.....Lets Fight It

1st December 2010 Worlds AIDS Day.....RECITATION OF POEM at IUST

Out of the darkness without any test,
A heavy burden was laid on our chests.
Where this disease came from, no one is sure,
All we know is that there is no cure.
It takes all lives, not only people who are gay,
The human life is the highest price to pay.
Young and old are dying all around,
Look at the people in your own towns.
We cry for help in so many ways,
But more lives are being lost every day.
There are drugs to ease the pain,
They don't work; the government gets the capital gains.
Your body, ready to go off at any day,
Hoping a cure would be found some way.
How many cries will it take to hear?
When someone you know has it, and their time is near.
It is something that we can no longer ignore,
Because it is coming closer, it might be next door.
So don't think that you can't get this disease called "AIDS",
More people then you think have it, they just won't say.
Wake up! We are dying and dropping like flies,
Don't wait until the human race is gone,
And then ask WHY?

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