Friday, December 17, 2010

A New Me

Have you ever had that feeling of being unwanted?You have no idea how tough life can be.How many people are going to hurt you?People say you got to be strong, but is it that easy?

It just keeps coming back.Being hurt again and again.It hurts so badly.I just wish this could’ve never happened.I guess I’m going to be punished all through my life. I’ve made mistakes to trust and love wrong ones.It’s not so easy to figure it out why was I fooled.I just wish things could be different.Stop for once.Let me be who I used to be.I miss myself.The old pictures helps me to recognize how I used to be.No one helps you out of this you yourself have to.So it’s better to be alone nobody can hurt you then.

Dreams don’t come true.Life doesn't seem to be as your perceptions and wishes.Come on let’s be honest.I’m tired of pretending.I’m tired of lies.I’m tired of everything that's going on.I’m tired of crying.I’m just…tired.

Don’t you see how hard it is?How difficult it is to make a choice. To just start again, to pretend nothing has ever happened. In reality everything’s wrong. Fairy tales are just lies. And now I feel so stupid and mad at myself.

Mad for believing.Upset for I tried to be strong but fail.It’s like a never-ending battle where nobody is on my side.I feel lost and lonely.I used to think everything was all right.Everything was under control,I felt safe. Now that I’ve opened my eyes, I can see clearly.

I thought miracles exist.I could say it’s going to be okay, but deep inside I knew it won’t. Maybe I’m not good enough. I know I’m just another person here. Probably I’m not worth it. I look at my own reflection and I don’t like what I see.I hate the change I've undergone. I hate the new me.

I’m sick of fake people.The ones who broke me.

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