Friday, December 24, 2010

Is Your Heart Broken?

It may be many a times,many things,many events and many people may have broken your heart.At that time you may feel a lot of pain,it may become unbearable and you may close your eyes just to tell yourself "Why me? WHY me?"

You may smile,which in fact are your tears.
You may tell,I am fine whch infact would be your latest lie!

Your heart is empty but wounds have made it scary,unpredictable and broken into a million pieces and worse still ..no one knows!
But dear this is the time when Allah can bless you.Your heart is empty and He may fill it with His guidance and His love and no LOVE is greater than Almighty's.

Just remember He knows ,He just knows whats happening to you.Allah knows everything.He is the Lord of hearts.He guides it and grants peace.For every single painful moment He forgives our sins.This is His promise.But its upto us to realize that this world cannot be faithful.It can never let you be happy.

Broken hearts are like earth-soft,torn into pieces nothing to take for itself,everythng for others.Rain comes,it becomes all the more beautiful and fresh.Such is the guidance of Allah for broken hearts.Only tender hearts learn how beautiful loving Allah is!

However,the heart must be presented with guidance and protected from hypocrisy and doubts.The Prophet(SAW) warned against their hardening!
For their are stones tat break into pieces and from whch flow rivers but there are hearts that undrstand nothing because they are dead and cant receive guidance.

A good way to keep the heart alive is remember death ,think about it for sometime.Remember Allah and shed tears in His remembrance.For tears are a characteristic of the pious heart.Only pious nd blessd hearts produce these pearls!

Rabbana La Tuzig Qulubuna Baida Iz Hadaytana
Our Lord! Let not our hearts deviate after you have guided them

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