Friday, December 17, 2010

Empty Song


The feeling of the heart when empty and desolate.
How one comes then is gone to a change of a wanton new.

The past is only a memory changed by the distance of that time.
With the distance of the miles and the want gone from the heart.

How the heat of the Summer drove one to new hieghts,
Of first's and flirts and of a yearning in ones soul.
Of chats and talks of discreet and long lost words.
Of forever and never and ever so much more.

Inspiration comes from the passion that is deep inside me.
Whether good or bad the torment can rest without my words,
And the timelessness of Fall drives the passion deeper in,

Words that were said and now are waining from the mind
The words don't mean the same when one sided so it seems.
Of luv and of friends and freindship and of love,
What was , what is , and what may never be.

Yet deep inside the dream I must forever see,
That yes the distance just proves to much , way too much for me.
And when in jest the miles were made from me yet greater still
At that time I knew a heart was sent towards another

I can see the true distance was towards another's sill
And looking out my window certain truth's have not been told
The evidence of another when ours was left aside
The timing of the leaving of an entering that coincides.

When the newness of the yearning that once was there is gone,
What is left for each and every one but to hear the empty song.

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