Tuesday, September 14, 2010


What is freedom?
FREEDOM=AZADI a small Kashmiri child will answer you .We want Kashmir to live and breath freely.We want Kashmir free from troopers.We want Kashmir free from sufferings.

I was wondering As to why Kashmiris are treated worldwide as TERRORISTS?Terrorism means indulging in an unlawful violence and war...Now whom do you call a terrorist INDIAN TROOPS or PROTESTERS who are just demanding their rights in the name of freedom without the use of weapons ? If we protest for Peace are we law breakers?Are we terrorists if we raise voice,show anger because our brothers and sisters are being martyred because they are brave enough to face the bullets for raising their voice?
Indian Forces in Kashmir are known for various human rights abuses including fake encounters, killings of dozens of innocent youth, sexual violence against women, destruction of property and exploitation of the region's natural resources.This is the reason today every youth is on street demanding AZADI.We always have been betrayed by the Government of India which failed to fulfill it's promises.

The protests going on for the past three months are a strategy by which we assert the demand of the right of self-determination.
We aren't killing the innocent souls.We aren't responsible of any uncertainty in INDIA or anywhere in the WORLD-then why are we always THE SUSPECTS.Kashmiri youth living in a so called democratic country India- why is he deployed of his rights?Even the simple rights he used to enjoy have been snatched away-Gag On SMS Services,Crackdown On E-Protestors etc.

The civic Lessons in our childhood taught us to PROTEST in order to reach the world.Who does not want to live in a place where one is free to move & express.If we are the part of ongoing PROTESTS demanding freedom what's wrong in that.We wouldn't have done it ,if we'd have every right to live & breathe properly.Troopers are for our safety what if we don't feel safe in their hands? wat should we do,just sit and watch our sister being molested,sit quiet because our brother is beaten to death.Its height now about 88 killings in past 3 months and the process of killing continues.The stories of the martyred bring tears to my eyes.Some of them werent even the part of the PROTESTS.Some too young to understand the word AZADI.Some the lone bread earners of their family.Some peeping through the window to see the ongoing clashes.

What was their fault that they received bullets they just were asking for a better KASHMIR.How can we simply GIVE UP after bidding goodbye forever to 88 lives.Its the anger of the youth thats coming out.How can anyone stay quiet and watch so many youngsters -dead taken to graveyard.Kashmir(God forbid) will soon be the largest graveyard..Its not a movie that one gets emotional and after 3 hrs of concentration forgets the story...the real stories are behind every tear shed by a kashmiri.

.In these three months we have seen so much of pain,loss.We have been traumatized
We don't want to be a part of India or Pakistan - we just want freedom-We want our own identity as was promised to us-we want KASHMIR to live and progress.We dont want to be suppressed or ruled over.We want PEACE..
We demand a new KASHMIR -A Better One
I PROTEST because I want FREEDOM..I PROTEST and I dont want to PROTEST in future~

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