Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I know its kinda rude to just start my post with SHUT UP.But,she's just so irritating!!

She makes me almost murder her in my thoughts.I wonder why is she so free to get involved in everyone else life.I wonder why is she bothered about one whom she ones blamed,cursed without knowing the real story.I feel if you don't know about a person you are no one to judge about him/her.If you point towards anyone the three fingers are pointing back towards you...Give it a try.

Harsh words,Harsh feelings,blames and what not.This is what she once used for me and I was so stupid not to revolt back not because I was at fault and preferred to stay mum but because I was not taught to be like you...INHUMAN,SELFISH,CRUEL,RUDE.

A person interprets everything as per his/her mind.So there is no issue if she took things wrong and formed a cheap image about me or any one else in picture.Why to blame her for this its her thinking that took that form and I am least bothered about it.

I cant stand her and I really pity her.Right now, right here. I wish that Allah enlightens her mind and heart so that what she did to me she doesn't do it to any one else. Words do hurt more than actions.Today if she is blamed for anything why is she upset or angry at it.It is better if she realizes what she did and how much pain she gave.Its is better to understand now how much is one hurt if she/he is blamed for none of his/her fault.

Still, FORGIVE & FORGET is what is advised by everyone....Forgive is so nooo way
To me, forget is soo goood enough for her.

Lastly, I wanna say that I am really sorry for my rudeness because I really think that my blog was a good place to shout out all my feelings.

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