Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ubi ...I miss You so much :(

I Miss you..I Miss the loud music coming from your Room,I Miss the warmth of knowing that you are just a call away,I Miss the way we fought & played,I Miss seeing your big bright smile,I Miss getting kicked out of your room, I Miss seeing u here and there

You have been there for me through it all ...You are alwayz there to catch me when I start to take a fall..You protected me from the world that left the bruises on your face,all the tears and scrapes I wish I could erase..When my life fell apart you patched things up you took care of my heart when times got rough..

And today when you are facing the tough times you may think I dont care because I never show it but I will always be here and I hope you know it...Remember I will be here through and through.You’re a part of me, and I can’t let go. I want you to know that my heart will always beat for you. Your pain is my own, and I wish you find happiness and peace of mind – for my peace of mind too. Because my heart hurts that yours is broken. I watch you twist and turn and I feel knotted up inside. I see you blink back tears, and my own eyes sting. I smile when you smile, brother.Because I do care and I love you.
Remember I will alwayz care just as much as you do......love ya so much ...I miss you every time.Hope to see you soon after 6 long years.I wish time flies and we get to be together again.

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