Saturday, October 23, 2010

Where did my smile go?

What compelled me to write here again.May be more gloominess.Why is it so?
I wanna live.I wanna be happy.Mind my own business.None of it happens.NOBODY can undrstand what I'm going through and what I go through everyday.My own identity haunts me.To see myself in mirror scares me.Nobody cares.Selfish strange people care about their own perspectives.Why I feel I'm only one who considered and understood other's perspective along with mine.
My tears have gone dry and I'm slowly becoming hard and cold inside.I don't know whats going on.I just don't get anything. What I feel I'm not accepted for it.What I don't feel,I'm made to feel and accept that.Don't know how to end this story now.All I can say now is that Life teaches us in every step.THE MOMENT WE START TRUSTING SOMEONE BLINDLY that person breaks you.WHEN YOU EXPECT YOUR SILENCE TO BE UNDERSTOOD people take your words wrong,gestures aren't important even though shown heartily but fake words are appreciated!!
So don't make anyone your life,don't b affected by anyone's absence because when you face darkness it's you all alone who has to face it.I know no one can get me my life back.No one can ever bring that smile that brightened my day back.It has gone and even if I try to smile it hurts deep inside.The fake one I carry everyday along.But I usually ask myself,Where did my smile go?

Where did that smile go?
That small curve that everyone loved
Where did my smile go?
The curve that lit nights

Did it fly away with the wind
Or did it get buried into sands?
Did the spider take it and hid it in his web
Or did someone take it into his lands?

Where did my smile go?
The unique identity that I owned
Did it fall off while trekking
Or did the mountain ghost masticate it?

Did it get dissolved in acids
Or did it vaporise into gas?
Where did my smile go?
The smile I had, all while...
Where did it go?Who took it?

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