Saturday, October 30, 2010

Think About Others....You will Forget Your Pain

This is not a quote but a series of things that I have come to realize in my so short life.

Love is not pure happiness, you will get sad, you will be angry, you will get scared, you will hate the one you love, maybe not forever. Some aren't ready for it, and give up, while others are true to each other and they survive.

Life will never be easy, no matter where you come from, how much money you have, no matter how good your parents were. Some will have it harder than you. Yet they still survive and keep on.

The world is cruel and dangerous place for everyone, there is no paradise or heaven, this is how it has always been. But most of us see tomorrow, and I cry for those who don't.

Death is something none of us can escape, no matter what God or thing you believe in, we all fear it because it is a great unknown fate. Does it really matter what comes after death, you have a long life ahead of you, why worry about what comes after that.

We all judge each other, for reasons I can't understand, if someone has a problem there will be someone that doesn't know him or her that will judge him or her, think about it, would that person treat him/her badly or drink his or her life away if they were happy. Don't judge others or atleast think before you do.

Just look at why people everywhere are not satisfied with their lives, there are alot of people with dreams, hopes and longings. They want to share love, tears, pain, hatred and happiness.

I read hundreds of posts everyday, I don't understand them all, but I love reading them. I cry, I smile, I laugh. I could read hundreds of books and not find the same emotions that I come across everyday.

I don't know anyone of them, but I see people who want to share wisdom, experiences, broken hearts, death of a loved ones, joy of life everything.
I see inspiration, motivation and creativity.

We share stories, and feelings even though we do not know a thing about eachother.
Now this is a world I dream about.

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