Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wow !!! Just loved it

Unusual Hobby it might be-Cloud Watching

Have you ever thought what life would be without clouds? There would be no rain and life would be dull. Clouds not only bring rainfall to our lands but also add beauty to the sky.

Clouds may look like animals, people, trees, flowers or any other object. Cloud Watching really help relieve stress in our lives.This is what we did today sitting under the shadow of the tree after giving the hectic viva.I have always found interesting shapes in clouds. When I was a kid I would grab a blanket and lie underneath the heavens and stare for hours at the sky.Today gave a thought to the old days hobby and began to look in the sky and analyze the clouds emerging from behind the mountains with my friends.Is it a dog? Is it a rabbit? Is it a king sitting on his throne, or a monkey eating an apple?Wow simply awesome.

Clouds, soft, puffy seemingly far away.I am most certain that there have been quite a number of posts stating animal shapes, odd shapes.. First of all, let me state that I have seen quite a few odd clouds recently. The one that really stands out is the one I encountered today. I looked up to my left and there it was as plain as day, an X in the midst of a dark cloud. I wish that I had a camera.There it was, a perfectly shaped cloud. All I could do was stare and smile for the beauty of it.

Cloud watching is a fun hobby .If you lie down on your terrace or sit in an open surrounding or simply peep through your window and watch clouds, your body gets recharged and you get a chance to relax as well. If you take it up as a hobby, you will never be tired of watching clouds of various shapes and colors. And what’s the best reason to take up cloud watching as a hobby! It’s free. You do not need any money to pursue this hobby;)

Three types of clouds can be viewed – cumulus, cumulonimbus and cirrus.
Cumulus is a fluffy cloud and very easy to spot. They are low level clouds indicating fair weather. Cumulonimbus are anvil topped clouds bringing thunder and rain while cirrus is usually the highest cloud of all and made entirely of ice crystals.

Pick up your phone and just click the wonderful shapes formed above you in the blue background.Cloud watching also helps you to connect with nature. Cloud watching is one hobby which will make you go out in the open and breathe some fresh air as well. So just look up and up!

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