Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I am the memory ! I am your past present and future! You may ask why?
Look there is the reason! I am the past because I am all the things you want to remember and you don't want to ! I am your present because you live from the things you did in the past! i am your future because you can't leave me no matter how hard you would try!
You may say I'm a bad thing .....yes but I can be a very nice thing to ! You need to go on with your life ! you can't go on with it till you are busy with forgetting me ! Me the memory can be denied but never deleted from your mind! maybe you shouldn't try to forget you should try to live with me!

So i go every day to your heart and soul visit them very carefully to see how much can i hurt you or how much can I make you happy! But at almost every time I open the door of your heart everything turns to dark in you ! You really want to get me out of your mind! You can't and that's why you are crying so much!

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