Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A World with just You and Me !

Life is just an endless circle
In which belonged a part to Me;
I cherished and took pride
Of a world with just You and Me.
Travelling alongside the other
With a tear and a smile to lend
And an always outstretched hand
Snapping away the strange strand.
So much of love shared
And so many assuring glances later
The circle gave a rotation
With You in some side And Me out of it.
There's so much to loose
So much to gain
Of a world with just You and Me
I can feel you drifting away
Promising a glee that's slipping away
I know I'm losing You,
And yet tend to wave at You,
With unexplainable emotions running through my head,
A tear escapes unnoticed.
With You gone - In a world with just You and Me.

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